Pressure grows for a 7/7 inquiry

Survivors and relatives of victims of the 7 July attacks are stepping up the pressure for an inquiry into MI5's handling of intelligence.
On Monday it emerged at the end of a year-long terror trial that MI5 had two of the 7 July plotters under surveillance a year before the attacks.

But Home Secretary John Reid ruled out an inquiry into MI5's failures.

A letter to Mr Reid calling for an inquiry will be delivered later by members of the 7/7 Inquiry Group.

Let me save you some money. The Legolanders are overworked, under-resourced and still manage to do a dynamite job , as they believe in themselves, and the task they face , which isn't helped by Politicians grandstanding.

What you never hear about, are the times they get it more than right.

What you never hear about, is the patient and diligent work they do, keeping us safe.

We need to be supporting and encouraging our intelligence services , by resourcing them properly, not holding inquiries seeking to pillory them.

Let's hold an inquiry into under-resourcing and under-financing, and why the money is better spent on ID cards, rather than giving it to the teeth end.


War Hero
To be brutally honest, what would have happenned if the 7th July bombers had been arrested before they acted.?
There would have been an instant outcry from the Muslim community insisting that these were fine young men who were stalwarts of the community. There would have been a trial and in all probability some of the now dead bombers would have been found not guilty.
Unfortunately it took an incident of this magnitude to wake the Muslim community up to the fact that there are bad people in their midst (as in all races/religions). Many still do not believe these facts.
If July 7th had not occurred would there have been any convictions in the chemical bombers trial?
So ... let me get this straight. We need an enquiry into why MI6 didn't do more to stop people who were known to have consorted with terrorists who were plotting to make a bloody big bomb and blow up lots of innocents, when the only information available was that they were plotting to get involved in some credit card fraud ... ?

Just exactly how far should MI6 have gone with this line of enquiry? Should the call for an expensive (and usually inconclusive) public enquiry mean that in future that our security services should also investigate all members of suspects families, their neighbours and those people who served them in the local supermarket? Should we also include their former school teachers, their first girlfriends, and the woman who walks her dog past their house every morning? All may have had contact with them to one degree or another but 99.99% simply do not warrant wasting the precious time and effort of these good people.

I suspect MI6 are strapped for cash and resources like every other government funded agency so just exactly where are they supposed to draw the line. They probably come across hundreds of possible criminals and terrorists each month and cannot possibly follow up on them all. It must therefore always come down to a judgement call and perhaps (arguably) this time they got it wrong but what about the countless unknown times they got it right?

Maybe I am in the minority here but personally I think they do an excellent job. It's just a shame there aren't more of them.

PTP - agree with every word you have written.
SF - I think you have got your boxes mixed up - MI5 (the security service) is internal, MI6 (secret intelligence service) is external. I suspect you mean MI5. Otherwise agree your sentiments too.
Unbelievable!! Public Inquiry?
We should be congratulating 5 on their actions and bringing these b*stards to trial, and achieving a conviction. But oh no, what a country we live in, within seconds of the result yesterday, i listened in horror as the BBC (the bagdad broadcasting corporation) started to demand blood over the 7/7 thing, completely ignoring what has been achieved. I concur with sliver_fox aand pongo and would personally like to say to all involved in the operation well done and thank you.
How about a public enquiry into chronic underfunding of the national security apparatus and unrealistic expectations of the media and a complacent public.

F*****g ridiculous.

Both BSS and SIS have increased their capacity in the last few years, but they're still under-resourced.

Of course the Daily Mail and other tabloids seem to have an agenda of ever increasing state interference in our lives, creeping surveillance and the ever present nanny state telling us what we can and can't do.

Of course there is a balance to be sought and I think the Security and Intelligence machinery has it about right at the moment. Given the nature of the threat, some attacks will get through, we need to increase the risk appetite of the electorate......
What would of been the outcry if MI5 had grabbed the 7/7 bombers but having then concentrated resource on them, the ones they have grabbed now got through and did actually plant a hugh bomb, what would the outcry be then ?
Speaking of public enquiries, run by lawyers, for lawyers, I heard an interesting fact yesterday about the cost of the Saville Enquiry. Apparently the costs incurred would have been enough to build and staff three new hospitals.

Of course, even without the enquiry, the hospitals wouldn't have been built as the lawyers have to keep enough money in the pot for themselves.

It will be interesting to hear the excuses used to avoid one in the coming days.
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