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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by !5jan, May 1, 2013.

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  1. What is a reasonable target to aim for for both pressups and situps?
  2. The best you can do
  3. It says that in the fitness program...I'm looking for some numbers.
  4. More than 1
  5. Correct.

    Anyone with a reasonable idea?
  6. 20 pressups 40 situps.
  7. Thanks. Isn't that the minimum required?
  8. I'm not saying this is excellent or top of the class superman fit but every morning when I wake I do 100 sit ups and 50 press ups (Add 10 every other week).

    I try to get all my standards to/or surpass that of the booties standards... you know to get a good dress figure for Raleigh.
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  9. I would have throught to take your personal best and keep increasing it thus building up your strength. It immaterial if you can do 10 /20 /100 there is always room to improve!
  10. Great answer, thanks.
  11. I have can't live in the gym! I have to sew in all these bloody name tags!
  12. 23 press ups
    39 sit ups

    That is the requires standard for none booties.

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  13. Why do you need to live in a gym??? press ups / sit ups you can do in your bedroom at home.
  14. I thought that when I posted it :neutral: . I'm going with - only doing pressups at home would be boring as hell.

    [EDIT] at the gym you could do exercises/weights/cardio which would all help increase your max pressups/situps
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  15. Up to you! Gym membership is ££££s and bedroom costs zilch .... get out in the fresh air ... get some road running in and en route do a set of pressups and sit ups in the local park / hedge / field / beach ... wherever takes your fancy - fancy Gym equipment doesn't make you stronger or run longer.
  16. The trouble is I live in Wales and it's less going for a run and more going mountain climbing... plus the weather has been shite until this last week or so.

    [EDIT] £20 a month isn't too bad...I would have free membership if it wasn't for corrupt bloody councillors.

    [EDIT2] Running on grass is much better than running on the road - less impact on your joints.
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  17. Pretty much this, My local park installed pull up, dip bars, box jump boxes with holes to put your feet in for sit ups and a load of other exercise stuff last summer. It means I can do the DPFT without having to even enter a gym. which is a bonus on sunny days!
  18. My local council spend millions on total bullshit rather than anything practical.
  19. My local council spend thousands on stopping sheep from escaping the fields...

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  20. Swimming - "Swim 40 meters and tread water for 3 minutes in overalls"

    is everything in overalls or just the 3 min tread water?

    Out of interest is this because you need to swim 40m from a ship to deploy a life raft that takes 3 minutes to unpack and inflate? or is there no specific reason?

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