Pressies for instructers?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jesse, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. :twisted: I was thinking the other day[I do it now and again] about the expression on our part two instructers face[ I can see him clearly in my minds eye but connot recall the fat fcukers name :? ] when we gave him his pressie at the end of the course. an engraved ciggy case and lighter. :roll: .He was trying to look pleased but his face said" Oh fcuk not again :) So I wonder; Instructers past and present do you still get pressies from classes and if so what are they :?:
  2. My instructor got a freshly laid turd in the top drawer of his filing cabinet.

    Does that count?
  3. Bunch of Chileans gave me and other instructors Red Wine, Key rings and the usual tacky gizzits.

    Other than that Ive had a new mug, fishing line and a copy of 40+

    Fresh copy of 40+ as well!
  4. Which pressie have you been most pleased with, then?
  5. He probably would have preferred to see 'SNLR' on the top of your paperwork mate :wink: :D
  6. never got feck all from my young Tiffies
  7. hahhahahhahahahaha! I can't belive how much I laughed at that.

    sorry yeah....and the moment has gone.
  8. Once I'd given the results out all I got was the sound of running footsteps into the carpark :oops:
  9. The fresh copy of 40+ was my favorite. They had really put some effort into thinking about my gift.
  10. :evil: That very nearly came about in 1958 after a strong difference of opinion with a dick head furthur up the pecking order. :twisted:
  11. The consensus of opinion on my squad was a stake through the heart would be most suitable but no cnut would fork out for the wood :D
  12. Our phase two instructors come on our end of course piss up. No gift can take the place of a hangover.
  13. Among other things, my male trainees tend to give me booze and my female trainees give me their bodies. Which I abuse and then dispose of. If your students do not give you a present, it means you are both gash and a cock.

    I especially like it when parents tell you how wonderful you are for moulding their kids, and the look on their faces when you tell them that their little darling is a thick, weak pissbag with poor personal hygiene.
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I heard it was the other way round.

    Welcome back by the way.
  15. Yes, Welcome back. :)

    Does your return mean that we will have another opportunity to gang up on those pub quiz guys in your local?
  16. Unfortunately not. I don't think I'm welcome in that partivular boozer since I sank the top shelf and stole a chorizo from the tapas bar.
  17. She's better now. She's learnt that by actually shaving her gorillas armpit of a gash she can keep a bloke.

    I doubt she'll trim it with the same hatchet I use for forced female topiary though, she'll probably opt for a ladyshave once it heals.
  18. I got a USN Excellence in Leadership plaque and a USN chiefs jacket from the NEX,just says chief across the back,I love it!
    I know I cant let go!
  19. got given an al murray dvd from my class whilst on divisions.

    also got several bottles of expensive whiskeys for getting all my classes out of the shite many times on LAET course.

    i hated the systemas much as they did!!!

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