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If a pressed or quota man survived shell shot and scurvy were they discharged or as with the Army of the day was it for life?
They were discharged Jesse. And would seem to have got some sort of bounty paid to them.Family history has it that two of my Fathers great great uncles or something far back,were impressed from a small boat they were fishing herring from,and with the money paid on release, they were able to buy a small piece of land.
Just curious Stan I don't recall any lessons in Naval History during my day. Nor was the subject raised much when gibbering round the rum fanny. I do however have days when my mental health is a little fragile.


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I suspect there was no difference between pressed men and others - when the ship paid off it meant just that, with a ticket cashable in London or at a massive discount from some shark in the relevant port. Unless they we pressed again for some other ship. The record is confused as pressed men were offered a chance to 'volunteer' which earned a bounty and if they agreed, then they went on the books as a volunteer. That gave them a credit on the ledger so they could buy clothes from the Purser's slops having been pressed in whatever they were wearing at the time. Every man who used the sea had a duty to ship for the Crown in time of war. Men were pressed at sea from merchant ships which was good-oh if they were at last returning after two years away in an Indiaman.

The wind don't blow the way it used to, men are lured in by softies like Ninja nowadays instead of being banged on the head on Portsmouth Point and tipped into the receiving hulk.


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Interestingly, there are those " 'Uman Rights" activists that claim we still prey on the vulnerable - those with limited or no qualifications, from depressed areas with little prospect of legal employment.

It's a delicate area - we visit secondary schools and talk to kids as young as age 11 - some say we exploit, others say we inspire. But for those who think we exploit - who would they want to fight for their overseas interests whilst they cream-off the profits from global trading or when they decide to live overseas but still want protection from their country of birth - the place they choose to eschew?
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