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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Scarface2009, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Ok, i know that [Press ups are very important, i have one problem, am terrible at them!!, my running is fine, situps are fine

    I have been told by some people that i should do weight lifting, others say that i should just keep doing them

    What did all yous do when it came to increasing pushups, i have a BMI of 26


  2. One word mate PRACTICE!!
  3. PRACTICE! I have a bmi of 26.5 @ 5'7'' from bulking up, weights will make you do press-ups no problem but unless you practice them, you'll bomb out at the end of your second set of 40 :D
  4. As stated above, just practice and build yourself up a bit at a time, I started doing 3 sets of 20 press ups, then after 2 weeks of that I built up to 3 sets of 25, 2 weeks later I did 3 sets of 30 and so on. I'm currently doing 3 sets of 40, so it's obviously worked for me because at the start I was struggling on my 3rd set of 20! :)

    I hope this is of some help
  5. ok cheers, ill keep working on them, got 4 months, going to renew my gym membership :eek:
  6. The way i started was 10 press-ups, 10 tri-dips(feet on floor method)
    8 press-ups, 10 tri-dips, 6 press-ups, 10 dips. Do this till you reach 2 press-ups then repeat again starting from 10. The reason for this as press-ups is mainly a tricep exercise.
    There are loads of different ways of getting better at press-ups but i found this the best way for me when i started of.
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  16. Sets are shite...Just set a goal to do 50 press-ups. And keep going until you reach 50. So if you do 20 in one go, shake your arms out and do as many as you can again, then shake them out again until you get to 50. Before long you will get to 50 in two sets, then eventually in one set. This method builds better endurance - Ensure you do complete PU in proper form.
  17. Ooooh no... you ought to be doing 3 sets of 5000 press ups a day sonny jims.
  18. I have always found that going to the max, resting in the prone position, and then pushing out as many more as you can once a day has worked for me. It may go against the grain but remember you are training to do press ups rather than doing press ups to develop your chest for something else - subtle difference to some training theory.
  19. cheers for the info guys!!!!

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