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Hi all, just a quick question, I'm struuerling a little with my press ups (the fact that I'M 16St doesnt help but running 3 miles every morning), I can only manage about 10. I was talking to a friend of mine and He said I should consentrate on sit ups because I'm pretty good at them, He said to just consentrate on them for a week or two, basicly stop doing press ups in order to strenhen my core! what do you think???


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Well, to some extent yea situps will help with core strength, but not a huge amount to be honest.

What do you actully want to achieve, i dont really understand the question. If you want to get better at doing press ups i have a nice little exercise i like to do.

Make sure you're in front of a nice big clock. Every 30 seconds complete 10 press ups. Keep doing it until you can do no more, so if you can bang 10 out in 15 seconds you have a 15 second rest, keep doing it for as many minutes as possible and try beating it. It will eventually help you.

In terms of core stability training anyway, then try do wood chops whilst balancing on a core stability ball, infact learn how to balance on one whilst on your knees, and then move up to standing on it -if you can! (Can be hard).

So it really depends on what you want to achieve, the 30 second press up routine is a good one, you can increase it to something like 15 press ups if you want to step things up a level.

Any exercise you do on a core stability ball is going to help core strength, and you have to employ your core muscles to balance you (as im sure you know). Another thing you can do, to incorporate both core training and press ups is to balance your legs/feet on the ball whilst doing your push ups, so essentially your feet will be raised. This is a good one because you're going to be working both to stay stable and do the press ups.

I worked in the Fitness Industry for about 5 years, core stability training is a big thing nowadays.

The best thing really would be to continue doing both Press-ups and Sit-ups. You will need to be able to do both when you join. If you stick at it, you will get your maximums up.


alright m8 the fact ur 16stone i was overweight at 15 stone n had to lose 5 kilograms
i did that by setting myself a 5 day plan
monday at 7pm go off to ur local gym
tuesday cycle to swimming hav a god long swim then cycle back
wednesday same again with the gym
thursday morning cycle off for a swim
and finally gym on a friday night
i lost a stone in the first 3 weeks of this
u dont hav to follow this plan but ii wud suggest it but n e way all the best x

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