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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ollie123, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. I am going to do my Pre Entry Diving Aquaint at the end of April.

    Does anyone know if the form the RN MCD branch of press ups use is as strict as that of th eRoyal Marines.

    I can do the threshold amounts, but the 'elbows tucked in form' is far more difficult than the usual which most other people use.

    Any none sarcastic feeback is always appreciated.
  2. Why not simply assume you will have to do the more difficult ones? That would be more in keeping with the characteristic of the potential RN diver, would it not?
  3. Hopefully someone'll answer this 'cause I'm freaking out a bit - I can't do any push-ups at all since I broke my wrist, and that's NOT good. I know the lady ones are easier but I just can't support weight on it. With 9 weeks to go, is it worth buying a support or just carrying on using weights to try to strengthen my wrist and hoping for the best? 9 weeks isn't a long time and I've been trying my best so far, it's just not getting any stronger and absolutely kills after lifting weights!

    And while I'm on the subject, the RAF have decided that women do the male press-ups from now on... is the RN doing that as well?
  4. Rache, you need to see a physiotherapist. Your Unit MO will refer you.
  5. At Raleigh the PTIs won't be particularly strict on how the push ups are done. Some guys in our class passed after weeks of remedials and they still couldn't do even 5 push ups, properly or otherwise.

    Sadly, the RN still seems adamant that women should take the easy route regarding push ups which doesn't do anything for guys' respect for the lasses.
    Rache, definitely see someone about your wrist! Though the PTIs won't be too strict, you will have to be able to do something that at least resembles a push up and also there are many other things you'll be doing at Raleigh that require strength in hands. Rifle drills, obstacle courses, mile and a half run carrying a 16st stretcher. Try and get it sorted else you'll find yourself in a lot of pain. Good luck!
  6. Hello mate,

    I've done both a PEDA at Horsea (before I decided to join the RMR), and a PRMC, and remember the form not being as strict for the PEDA as that for the Corps.
    Divers are'nt expected to do 85 press either. - or 18 prone grip chins :strong:

    However, divers are reqiured to perform dips; unlike the Royals.
    The "sit ups" where more like crunches at Horsea too.
    Dont get me wrong though; I had a hard time there; even though I did score highest overall on the course. 8)
  7. snapdragon wrote: At Raleigh the PTIs won't be particularly strict on how the push ups are done. Some guys in our class passed after weeks of remedials and they still couldn't do even 5 push ups, properly or otherwise.

    I heard that the PTIs do them for you nowadays. The'll also do your mile and a half if you ask the nicely. Lovely chaps.

  8. Angrydoc, thanks for the tip, I hadn't even thought of that. Will get right on it.

    Snapdragon - my dad suggested I try press-ups with closed fists, do you reackon the PTIs would accept that? Still hurts but nowhere near as much as with flat hands.

    Would be lovely if they did my mile and a half for me, I hate running. Perhaps if I bought them something nice.....
  9. For the PEDA Dont worry about press ups, there not part of the Basic Diver Fitness Test, they do throw some in on the 1 hour endurance run at the end of the day but to be honest your so cunted by then they dont care if its tight arm, wide arm as long as you do somthing that resembles a press up.

    I also have done both the PEDA and PRMC and will second what the-Wonderer said! The Royals, PRMC is more strict than PEDA, but when the phys starts in my opinion both as instense as each other!
  10. I think if you explained to them how much harder it is for you to do them with flat hands then they would. They might even be impressed, it's a bit harder off fists. But do ensure you tell them your reasons.
    Having said that, you still should go and see someone. If you struggle doing press ups because of your wrist then many other aspects of Raleigh will cause pain too. Nothing's worth causing lifelong damage to yourself if it's as bad as it sounds.

    You don't even need to ask; they see you struggling, run over and carry you the rest of the way. :thumright:
  11. Good call. Thanks!!

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