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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by danny, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi theres a good chance that next year i may be able to do my AACC. I just want to start geting prepared as i am far from the mark but do have time on my side.
    When we did our PT B at raleigh we had to do press ups to a tape with beeps. I wondered if anyone had an MP3 with the beeps as i wan tto start workign towards my 60 in 2 mins.
    But doing them to the beeps is toatlay different to just banging press ups out.
    Any replys greatfully revieved.
  2. FFS! Use the timer on your mobile, or an egg timer. If anyone has the beep test on their MP3 do not talk to them as they are obviously kiddie fiddlers or Stewards or something even more weird. They are dangerous, do not approach them just run like feck! :thumright:
  3. Its not for the time i could easily time 2 mins. Just when at raleigh i found it a lot different to bang them out at the rate on the tape than just at my own speed.
    I only asked as i know people have the bleep test (runing) on there ipods.
  4. This was posted a while ago 1 beep every 2 secs i think its the same as the PTB

    Oh and it is most definetly not on my MP3 player HarryBosch!
  5. GR, Ha Ha .. I don't believe you!

  6. Honest, I dont need it, ive done my push-ups, got some nice cannons too!
  7. File not available
  8. What course date are you hoping to go on Danny?

    Edited for mong england!
  9. You can download it here. Link Below.

  10. Click on Trainning Schedule, then on "Bleep test" then download for iPod.
  11. Im not sure yet. I have more important courses i will have to go on. So IF i get to do it. It will be fitted around those. As well as deploying etc. But if its not next year it would hopefully be the year after.
  12. MORE IMPORTANT, you're havin' a laugh. Oh you mean your Trade training/Stage2.
    At least you didn't say harder.
    Bleep on.
  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Anyone got the MSFT MP3 downloaded - I'd appreciate a copy but don't want to have to sign myself up for the Marines blurb, being already in the Navy etc.

  14. Yeah its trade training. Not more important to me. But more important to the regiment.
  15. I think you're getting the mp3 beeps mixed up with 'Ice cream vans do the hits' played loud enough will have more kids then you can shake your err stick at running out their houses.

    Just do press ups held for 1 second for that is basically the same thing.

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