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Does anyone have any advice on press ups.

I can hardly do one, im a typical girl =[
And I know the only thing to make me better is too do them but...

I have took my dads advice of when ever i have a spare few mins find something like a bed and do them standing up... dont know if this is realy going to do much though?

I dont think its the fact i have no muscles in my arms i think its because my back drops when i do them......

Any advice?
Or should I just practise as much as possible the way i am?
Keep your bum in the air, but dont poke it up high, to keep you body in a straight line from your head to your heels.

Perhaps if you practice sit-ups as well, that will strengthen your stomach muscles to help you with your press ups

Good luck
I found my self in the same situation as you...6mths ago i couldnt do any press ups or sit ups at all!!
My first problem was the 'i cant do it' attitude....
The second problem was stopping and giving up when i felt i couldnt do anymore...
My advice is set yourself a target above what is expected of you (eg 25 or 30 press ups)...then keep doing them everyday to meet that target even if you have to rest in between.
If you are physically unable to do the set amount on the floor do what you can then use a box (or the edge of the sofa or something!) to finish it off! If you do use the gym the shoulder press may help.
Believe me if it worked for me then it will work for anyone cos like you i am also a BIG GIRLY GIRL!!!
Good luck.x
You lack core strength. Try these: On your knees, leaning forward, arms shoulder width apart, hands under shoulders and fingers facing forwards. Pull your stomach in as you slowly bend your arms, keeping your elbows tucked in. Lower yourself close to the floor but don't touch it and don't allow gravity to assist you. Keep that tummy pulled in and push up back to the start position. (Mentally check tum and straight back). Repeat. Try three of those right now and see how you do.

Hint: Breathe in on the way down and out on the way up. You could also try them on the stairs: feet on the ground or lower steps, hands on the higher. All good for building that core strength, becuase if do them with a sagging back you will injure yourself.



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Thanks people. Im putting all of your adivice into anction.
Even though that link may not be put to use until i can atleast do one =] haha

Harry ive litteraly just done 10 how you said, and the breathing thing helps alot because it takes my mind off what I am actulay doing. Thanks! =]
Are women expected to do press ups from the knees, or full mens press ups? The RAF have recently changed their fitness test from half to full press ups and I was wondering if the RN have gone the same. Any ideas?
Caz, I only suggested Topaz do them from her knees to a) give her confidence and b) develop her core strength. As to your question, I have no idea but even were you allowed to do them would you not in fact train to do full press-ups and elect to do full press-ups on the assessment? I hope you would!

Good luck :thumright:


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Breathing is the key, Harry has this spot on. Dont know about Matelots but as a baby bootie we had to do loads of the old on yer back, raise your feet three inches off the floor and keep them there.

Fcuk that could hurt. But once you'd grasped that keeping calm and controlled your breathing you could ignore the pain for a good 3-4 minutes. All you then had to do was keep breathing, keep in control and do funny facial expressions so your training team thought you where hurting... :dwarf:

The key is the breathing.


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Fook me! Press up while your feet are levitating 3 inches off the floor? I thought playing the triangle whilst under fire was hard, but that takes the soggy biscuit... :lol:


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Fcuksake, sorry forgot I was dealing with the great unfit.

When I said "on yer back" I forgot matelots associate Egyptian PT with proper PT.
the best way to over come that topaz is try lying on your front raise up on your for arms and then then your toesso your body is rigid try for a minute,and lots of abdos as well
brendan498 said:
the best way to over come that topaz is try lying on your front raise up on your for arms and then then your toesso your body is rigid try for a minute,and lots of abdos as well
Just for clarity, Brendan means you will be on your forearms and toes. Your clenched hands should be just under your nose. Keep your tum pulled in. Hold ............ hold it ............. :thumright:


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This is loosing me ive had so much adivce all differnt lol.
Ive tried each technique but im still weak as a fairy, even though i do seem to be building up muscle.

Okay and yesterday I was told that my arms are sticking out and they are sposed to be in... but yet my whole body flows forward when i do this.

Im slowly getting better though :D
Like everyone has said Core Stability strength and breathing is key, build up your core and you’ll be doing front-to-back handclap press ups and triple clap press ups in no time :rambo:

Good exercises for developing core strength are:
* The Plank (as described by Brendan498)
* Lying Hip Swings – Lie with your legs pointed to the sky, with your arms on the ground, extended to each side. Maintain straight legs and swing all the way to the left, and then all the way to the right. Stop just short of touching the ground with the feet.
* Chinnies – To perform the exercise, bring the left elbow to the right knee, then the right elbow to the left knee. Continue back and forth, keeping a furious pace.
* V Ups – This movement begins from a supine position with the arms extended. Contract the abdomen, as you thrust the arms and legs together. The body will come together like the letter “Vâ€.
* Supermans – To perform this exercise, begin lying face down with the arms and legs extended. Next, lift the arms and legs from the ground, pausing in the upright position.

I would keep cracking on with box press ups, press ups on the stairs and wall press ups. For wall press ups, stand a couple of feet from a wall lean in, and Bend . . . and Stretch :lol:

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