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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by referee, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am a 17yr old applicant for the Royal Navy, i have my second medical in september and after that the ball starts rolling.

    My main problem however is my press ups, i really struggle with them. My 2.4km run comes in around the 8min 30second mark, and my sit ups are steady.

    Was just looking for any tips?

    Was also wondering what would happen if i did not reach the minimum of 23press ups?!?!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Just keep trying I guess. A buddy of mine advised me to do 8-10 push ups, rest for 40 secs, then 8-10, take 40... and continue till you can't do any more. It seems to be working for me

    No clue about the minimum 23 thing
  3. Keep doing them.

    You can do a lot worse than doing the 100 push up app. You don't even have to aim for 100: one hundred push ups - welcome
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  4. Ref - try moving your hands further apart/closer together. Also try your hand position - fingers forward, fingers out etc until you find a position that allows you to crack out some reasonable press up reps. Once you have created a bit of upper body strength, then you can begin to 'play' around with the hand positions to make it harder!
  5. What Monty said - the app will make you work hard, set you regular work outs and starts off at whatever level you are at. I've still not managed to get to 100 but it will increase your upper body and core strength pretty quickly.
  6. You don't have to be able to do 23 press ups. During IMF (Initial Military Fitness) there is a press up routine where you do a few press ups, stand up, left turn, get down do a few more and repeat that until you are back facing where you started. All this is done following commands from the PTI - all 60 or so of you doing everything at the same time. I still can't do anymore than about 15 press ups if i'm to be honest but never struggled during IMF. I only passed out in May.
  7. Ah, a 'minimum standard' rating. Bet you're an asset.
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  8. Must not bite, must not bite...
  9. Mind you 15 (real press ups) isn't bad for a girl.
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  10. When I was there some of the guys got a hard time during IMF if they couldn't complete all the pressups or always came last. I would work hard on your fitness if I was you to make your life easier. At 17 you should be smashing the standards

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  11. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    You still have loads of time to work on them and bump up your total. Just do push ups whenever you can until you max out say 3 times throughout the day. You will see increases if you're consistent.
  12. The only advice I can add that has not already been said is that the PTIs at Raleigh like tricep push ups. Hands shoulder width apart, elbows tucked into the side and fingers facing front. Smash them out, as well as a few sets of wide arms and you'll be sorted.
  13. These are the press ups i am doing, the technique i have pretty much sorted. My lecturer at college taught me an ex captain in the Army, so should suffice. Just the numbers i need to stack up.

    Much appreciated for all the feedback, and completely agree at 17 i should be smashing the standards however press ups and me simply are not getting along at the moment.
  14. Another point I would make about using the 100 App (and no I don't make any money from it) is that it makes sure you have rest days to allow your muscles to recover. Lots of talk above about doing them all the time which may not neccessarily be the most efficient way to build your strength.

    As some one who has been doing press ups very regularly from the age of about 13, I like the app because it adds a disciplined approach and creates a regular routine so now I don't forget. It also makes me do far more in a set than I would ever do if I was just 'doing some press ups'. Any other routine such as pyramid plan above would do just as well. Try them all.
  15. A way in which I have improved massively with press ups is by doing them in between intervals.

    Say for example you are in the gym doing some curls, working chest, shoulders or whatever it may be. After your set do 10 press ups, after the next set do another 10. By the end if your session you will have done easily 100 press ups.

    If your only at the medical stage I wouldn't worry as you have a lot of time to crack the press ups. Good luck

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  16. Thankyou for the comments and advice all noted.

    You sure you dont have shares?!?
  17. I'm also a big fan of the 100 push-ups app, give it a go - you will see improvements pretty quickly. Good luck!

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