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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by smithy12, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. at raleigh is it expected that you need to be doing at least 23 press ups in your first week or do they build you up to this, what kind of press up do they allow you to do- is it wide arm (elbows out) or more of the close arm ( elbows tucked in) method?

    with the sit ups what is the requirement and time you need to be achieving pre-raleigh
  2. I take it that you are a young man, why does this bother you? Are you unfit or fit?
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Your AFCO should be able to give you an excellent Pre-Joining Fitness Programme which explains it all in full.

    Alternatively, you may dowload it here.
  4. im reasonable fit seem to be fine with the c.v side, press ups are my down side as im sure is the same with many others, im just struggling to hit 23 consistently i can get 3x sets of 15/17 done im just concerned what type of press ups they allow
  5. one thing you could do is when you do your first set say 15 press ups add two more on to it. Then have say couple mins do your next set and do the same and again for the third. Then maybe leave for a day or so come back to it but by adding an extra on again on top of the two you added last time. Build this up gently and it could work. To then being able to do more also don't rush take your time
  6. I would contest your statement that you are reasonably fit. I, as a reasonably unfit 44 year old, came back from a deployment onboard a submarine (where opportunities for phys aren't great) at the tail end of last year. After only a couple of days at home, I read one of the constantly recurring threads on here about press-ups, and decided to test myself. I managed to bang out thirty straight off. You need to make more of an effort.
  7. As a 56yr old able to bang out 20 press ups, I agree with Joe.
  8. i can easily bang out 20 in 1 got its being able to smash 3x sets of 20 where the problem lies, at raleigh is it usualy 1 set that you do?
  9. I'm fine with pressups and running, situps however i really have trouble with so i'm just trying to build up my core muscles. Just try and work on your triceps and pectorals, since i think they are the two main muscle groups used in pressups.

    Also, at Raleigh you don't just bang them out, you do them to a beep.

    As in, up *beep* down *beep*.
  10. any ideas how much leave there is after basic training till you go to gosport for AET training

    a quick reply would be awsome as i am leaving for Basic on sunday
  11. Heres a quick reply as requested, does it matter?
  12. smithy, chill out , you are not joining the Royal Marines, phys at Raleigh is not as hard as you imagine, if you are reasonably fit you will be o.k.
  13. None as such unless you're drafted, sorry, assigned, over a leave period. You'll leave Raleigh after divisions on Friday and join Sultan on Monday, possibly Tuesday.

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