Press Ups Beep Test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by smircula44, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. After reading the post where someone mentioned you have to do press ups to a beep test at Raleigh, I decided to make a beep test to practice to. Thought I would upload it in case anyone else could use it:

    Its MP3 format so easily burned to CD or put on MP3 player etc. Theres 2 seconds between each beep. I think this is the same as the one used at Raleigh, if it isn't Im sure someone will enlighten me and I'll make a new one!
  2. Very kind of you Smircula.

    Thank you very much.

    So what's this pressup beep test all about because I've never heard of it.

    I've heard of the beep test where you run from line to line, that's about it.
  3. I think its basically down on one beep, up on the next. I'm pretty sure its2 sec intervals aswell, but could be wrong?!
  4. I've done that press-up test to the bleeps for a few years in my current job - it's a bloody killer.

    For god sake don't think just because you can do 100 normal press ups this will be a piece of piss - it's different - believe me !!
  5. nice one!! havent done that scince i left school !!
  6. a very little bird told me you should be doing ;)

    press ups - do 5 sets of 15 SLOW reps with 1 min break in between each set
    sit ups - do 5 sets of 20 SLOW reps with 1 min break in between each set
  7. Yeah it is alot harder, I think its having to hold the position of being closest to the floor that does it.
  8. Well right now I swear by the press up bars.

    They're a lot harder to do and will advance your normal pressup max much more than just doing normal pressups could.
  9. Why are they harder to do?
  10. Your chest can be brought down lower than a normal pressup allows as your hands are starting at 3 inches off the ground, so you get an extra dip to push :)
  11. What Paracord said, Toast.

    My brother's chest is awesome and he says he uses the bars, but he puts them at the bottom of the stairs with his feet on top of a couple of steps up.

    He said you can really feel gravity weighing down on you when you do it like that.

    I'm not brave enough to try those yet.
  12. You'll get plenty of press-up practice before the test mate. The instructors can only give you 10 for a punishment, but they control when you bend/stretch - can be a killer.

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