Press release: Updating of RAIB report 18/2017, Sandilands junction


War Hero
On 24 October 2018, RAIB published an updated report on the overturning of a tram at Sandilands junction, Croydon on 9 November 2016. The update includes an addendum describing a Transport for London (TfL) audit of the Tram Operations Ltd’s (TOL) fatigue risk management system and associated actions by TOL. The audit was undertaken in June 2017 but the audit report was not provided to RAIB until after publication of its investigation report in December 2017. The RAIB report update also includes minor technical corrections and adding a letter, sent to all UK tram operators in July 2017, giving advance notice of some issues likely to be covered by the recommendations published in December 2017.

The updated report can be found in place of the original version published in December 2017.

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