Press release: Understanding the moral component of conflict

Conflicts have altered through the years, including shifts in scale, intensity and the principal actors involved. The advancement of technology has also inevitably altered the moral lens through which we view conflict.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is looking to better understand how relevant the underpinning theories and assumptions are that inform debate about the morality of conflict.

Dstl is seeking partners within industry and academia to examine the changing perceptions of morality and moral frameworks used within conflicts. This project seeks to advance the ways in which we think about and discuss the moral component in conflict and challenge current thinking, particularly within defence.

The call also aims to support the development of innovative and interdisciplinary research proposals. In particular, applications are sought that seek to address new or relatively underdeveloped areas as well as analytical overviews and reviews of the existing body of research, evidence and defence perspectives.

Suppliers wishing to get involved in this work can find out more by contacting the Defence Human Capabilities Science and Technology Centre which is running the call for Dstl. Proposals must be received by 10:00 on 15 January 2016.

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