Press release: UN Security Council reiterates strong support for Yemen


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Ministry of Defence said:
The UN Security Council yesterday agreed a statement expressing concern at the interference by former President Saleh in the political transition in Yemen.
Commenting today, Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Alistair Burt, said:
“I welcome the Statement made by the President of the UN Security Council ahead of National Dialogue in Yemen on 18 March. It sends a clear message about the international community’s full support for President Hadi’s leadership and recognises the significant progress made so far. The UK is clear that inclusive National Dialogue, which brings together all parts of Yemeni society including women, young people and southerners, is vital to building a safer, more prosperous Yemen. But this goal will not be achieved if those who are looking to disrupt political transition are able to continue to interfere. I support the strong statement from the Security Council which makes clear that the international community will not stand by as individuals, specifically former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and former Vice President Ali Salim al Bidh, seek to undermine the political transition.”
[h=2]Notes to editors[/h] The UN Security Council Presidential Statement
The UK will host the next Friends of Yemen meeting in London on 7 March where progress on political transition, humanitarian support, and preparations for elections will be discussed.