Press release: Scientists and analysts recognised for work in Afghanistan


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Staff from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) have been awarded Operational Service Medals in recognition of their contributions whilst deployed in support of UK armed forces on Operation HERRICK in Afghanistan.

The Operational Service Medals were awarded at a ceremony on 27 January 2015 in front of family and friends at Dstl’s Porton Down site near Salisbury. The medals were awarded by Lieutenant General James Everard CBE, Commander Land Forces and Jonathan Lyle, Chief Executive, Dstl.

The 16 recipients, from across Dstl’s three main sites, all deployed in support of operations providing scientific advice and analysis directly to commanders on the full range of operational activity. The latter stages of Operation HERRICK saw them provide considerable support to the drawdown from Afghanistan and the redeployment of equipment.

Sue Haines, Chief Technologist within Dstl’s Information Management Department at Porton Down who deployed in 2013 says:

I found my role as a Scientific Adviser, embedded in a UK headquarters in Afghanistan, both challenging and immensely rewarding. I was delighted that my family were able to be present for the medal presentation, as their support and backing throughout the experience were really important to me.

Jonathan Lyle, Chief Executive, Dstl says:

These medals acknowledge the important impact of scientific support to military operations. Dstl scientists and analysts regularly deploy overseas in support of the armed forces and I am extremely proud of every single person receiving an award today.

Lieutenant General Everard also commented:

Having scientists and analysts embedded alongside us on operations ensures that we have access to the latest thinking and scientific support. The work of the Dstl staff that have deployed with us, and that of their colleagues in the UK, has helped ensure battle-winning and life-saving equipment is provided to the frontline and that our decisions are underpinned with rigorous analysis. I am very pleased to present these Operational Service Medals and all recipients should be rightly proud of their accomplishments.
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