Press release: PM meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan: June 2015

Following the meeting, a Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister welcomed His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan to Downing Street this evening where they discussed a range of issues including joint efforts to defeat ISIL in Syria and Iraq, the resulting humanitarian challenges and efforts to tackle extremism across Africa.

They agreed on the need for a political solution in Syria and the Prime Minister offered that the best way to tackle ISIL was by ensuring that any new government was inclusive. They also agreed on the need to continue to support the moderate opposition.

The leaders also discussed the current Coalition efforts in Iraq and efforts to support Prime Minister Abadi in his bid to build a more inclusive government. They agreed that this was vital in defeating the poisonous ideology presented by ISIL.

The Prime Minister thanked His Majesty for the enormous effort Jordan was undertaking to host refugees and said that Britain was providing £220 million in humanitarian support for both host communities and refugee camps. His Majesty thanked him for this support.

They also discussed efforts to tackle extremism across Africa. They agreed on the need to support the Leon process in bringing about a National Unity Government in Libya. On a wider note, the Prime Minister said that tackling corruption and bad governance was the best way to fight the lure of extremism in the region. The Prime Minister and His Majesty also agreed on the importance of ensuring stability in Egypt and working with President Sisi to achieve this.

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