Press release: PM meeting with Chancellor Merkel: 29 September 2017


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A Downing Street spokesperson said:

“Prime Minister Theresa May and Chancellor Angela Merkel this morning held a bilateral meeting at the Tallinn Digital Summit in Estonia.

The Prime Minister began by congratulating Chancellor Merkel on her recent re-election and said she looked forward to continuing to work closely together.

The two leaders agreed on the importance of the Iran nuclear deal in maintaining regional and global security.

On the issue of Brexit, the Prime Minister reiterated her commitment to the UK being the strongest friend and partner to the EU after we leave.

She said her Florence speech had been intended to create momentum in the ongoing talks and that the response from the EU 27 had been constructive.

Chancellor Merkel welcomed the speech, and noted the good progress that had been made in negotiations this week. She looked forward to the next round of talks in early October.

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor both agreed on the importance of settling the issue of citizens’ rights at the earliest opportunity.

The PM pointed to the commitment made in her Florence speech to incorporate the agreement reached on citizens’ rights fully into UK law and make sure the UK courts can refer directly to it.

The PM also stressed it was in everybody’s interests to agree to a time-limited implementation period once Britain leaves the EU, to provide certainty to businesses and others in both Britain and the EU.”

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