Press release: PM calls on G20 to tackle modern slavery supply chains


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Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg today, the Prime Minister will call for the G20 to recognise that modern slavery is a global issue requiring global solutions and cross-border cooperation.

The Prime Minister will say that the international response is currently fragmented and concerted action is not prioritised.

So she is calling on the G20 to set the direction for the rest of the world in seeking to eradicate this abhorrent practice by 2030, including by eliminating it from company supply chains.

The Prime Minister will ask G20 leaders to commit to working with businesses domestically to promote transparency in supply chains to rid the world of this archaic evil.

Speaking at the G20, the Prime Minister said:

This is the great human rights issue of our time. Tackling human trafficking and modern slavery remains a top priority for this government and we are committed to stamping out this abhorrent crime.

In the UK we have set up the first ever government taskforce for modern slavery, bringing together every relevant department to co-ordinate and drive all our efforts in the battle against this cruel exploitation.

But if we are to eradicate modern slavery around the world, we need to go much further. Victims will only find freedom if we cultivate a radically new, global and coordinated approach to defeat this vile crime.

And that is why today at the G20 summit I am calling on the international community to follow Britain’s lead in prioritising action in this area, in particular in supply chains.
Notes to editors:

The UK Modern Slavery Act (2015) includes a transparency in supply chains provision. This requires all businesses operating in the UK with an annual turnover of £36 million or more to publish an annual statement of the actions they’ve taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any part of their supply chain, or in their own business.

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