Press release: PM call with President Trump: 5 September 2017


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A Downing Street spokesperson said:

Theresa May today spoke with President Trump to discuss North Korea’s most recent missile tests, which have been conducted against all standards of international behaviour.

The Prime Minister stressed that the regime poses a threat not simply to its region but to global peace and security, and it was important for the international community to send out a clear message that such irresponsible and provocative actions must end.

Mrs May said Britain would work with the US and international partners to continue to exert economic pressure on North Korea through further measures including sanctions.

The Prime Minister noted the importance of the UN Security Council continuing to present a strong and unified international voice by reaching swift agreement on new measures.

The Prime Minister said she would also work with EU leaders on further measures the EU could take to pressure the North Korean regime.

The Prime Minister and the President agreed on the key role which China has to play, and that it was important they used all the leverage they had to ensure North Korea stopped conducting these illegal acts so that we could ensure the security and safety of nations in the region.

During the call, the Prime Minister also extended her condolences to the President and the US public for the loss of life and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and expressed the UK’s solidarity with the US people at this time.

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