Press release: PM call with President Rouhani of Iran: 16 July 2015

A Number 10 spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister spoke to President Rouhani of Iran this afternoon following the historic deal reached in Vienna over Iran’s nuclear programme. Both leaders welcomed the deal and emphasised their commitment to implementing it in full.

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that this deal would mark a fresh start in bilateral relations between the UK and Iran and in Iran’s role in the region. Both agreed that there was real capacity to develop stronger ties between our 2 countries. The Prime Minister made clear that he remained committed to re-opening the British embassy in Tehran and they agreed that foreign ministers should continue to work together to resolve the outstanding issues before this can happen.

On regional issues, the discussions focused on bringing about a political solution in Yemen and helping Prime Minister Abadi to build an inclusive government in Iraq.

They concluded that both countries should work together to strengthen relations based on mutual respect and understanding. The Prime Minister wished the President ‘Ramazan mobarak’.

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