Press release: PM call with President Macron: 7 Sept 2017


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A Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister called the French President Emmanuel Macron this morning to discuss our response to Hurricane Irma.

They agreed the devastation it had wreaked was terrible, with unconfirmed reports emerging of a number of fatalities.

The Prime Minister updated the French President on our response, noting that DFID humanitarian advisers had already deployed to the region to conduct damage assessments and provide humanitarian support, and RFA Mounts Bay was also in the area.

They agreed to cooperate closely, including with the Dutch, to understand the extent of the damage and to coordinate our relief efforts.

They also discussed North Korea, agreeing on the importance of China using its leverage and taking further action to put more pressure on the North Korean regime to change its dangerous course. They agreed we should work together at the United Nations to agree a new package of sanctions measures. They also agreed to explore additional measures the EU could take to pressure the North Korean regime.

Finally on Brexit, the Prime Minister noted that some good progress had been made in the negotiations and that the UK and EU negotiating teams would continue to work together intensively over the coming weeks.

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