Press release: Minister welcomes Human Rights Council resolution condemning situation in Syria

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 10, 2015.

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  1. The Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood said:

    The Assad regime chose to use fear and violence to repress democratic protests and calls for individual freedoms. Four years later we have seen the devastating impact of that choice: over 220,000 dead, 12.2 million in dire need of assistance, 7.6 million internally displaced and 3.9 million refugees in the region. Horrendous and barbarous acts continue to be committed by a regime desperate to cling to power and by extremist groups who have benefited from the instability in the country.

    This resolution condemns the use of barrel bombs, chemical weapons, starvation as a method of warfare, torture and other despicable acts, sending a clear message from the international community to Assad and extremist groups that their actions will not be forgotten or go unchallenged. The UK remains committed to holding those responsible for violations and abuses of human rights to account and fully supports the Commission of Inquiry’s ongoing objective of gathering evidence against those perpetrating these heinous crimes in Syria.
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