Press release: Minister for Europe to champion UK-Spain ties at annual talks


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Sir Alan Duncan, the Minister for Europe, will join the UK-Spain Tertulias event, which will celebrate the UK’s strong bilateral and cultural links with Spain and commitment to strengthening the UK-Spain relationship after Brexit.

The 30th edition of the event, to be held in Malaga today and tomorrow (Oct 26-27), will see the Minister meet with Spanish Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, Europe Minister Luis Marco Aguirano and Minister for Territorial Policy, Ignacio Sanchez Amor.

Speaking ahead of the event, Sir Alan said:

The annual Tertulias dialogue not only demonstrates the importance of our close links for UK and Spanish citizens, but illustrates the many layers of friendship and shared history between the UK and Spain – a relationship we are committed to strengthening as we prepare to leave the EU.

Malaga is also one of the most important hubs of British life in Spain, and plays a key role in British-Spanish relations. At the heart of Costa del Sol, Malaga is home to 55,000 British residents and welcomed more than three million British tourists last year. It is one of the most popular destinations for British people visiting in Spain.
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