Press release: Minister for Africa congratulates Burkina Faso on elections


War Hero

Congratulations to Roch Marc Kabore on his victory and to the people of Burkina Faso on the historic elections completed this week. The Burkinabe people have seized democracy with enthusiasm and dignity.

I also pay tribute to the hard work and endeavour shown by Michel Kafando and his transitional government that got Burkina Faso to this point. Together with civil society, the authorities have defended democratic values, setting an example that has inspired people throughout Africa and across the world. They have shown that the will of a people cannot be ignored and that hope will overcome.

All those individuals and parties who took part so peacefully in Sunday’s election and accepted the result have opened a new chapter for Burkina Faso. I look forward to working with Roch Marc Kabore and the elected parliament in pursuit of a prosperous, peaceful and democratic Burkina Faso.
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