Press release: Foreign Secretary condemns bomb attack in Yemeni capital

Commenting this morning, Philip Hammond said:

I condemn the appalling bomb attack today at the Police Academy in Sana’a, which has killed at least 30 police cadets and recruits and injured many more. It is deplorable that men who were training to help build a stronger and more secure Yemen should be killed in such a senseless way.

This attack follows a number of recent bomb attacks targeting Houthis, in Ibb on 31 December and in Dhamar on 4 January. My deepest condolences are with the families and friends of all those killed and injured in recent weeks. Such violence against civilian, political and security personnel is never justified. The UK stands with Yemen in its fight against extremism and we are working with the Yemeni government in support of the political transition. It is important that the newly-drafted constitution is agreed as soon as possible, in line with the National Dialogue Outcomes.
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