Discussion in 'History' started by spearfish, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. When was the last recorded incident of press-ganging within the RN?
  2. Don't know about that but they lied to me in a big way to get me in.....
    And I fell for it, what do you mean I am not going to be based in Hong Kong for my time???
  3. I was told back in the 1980s that the laws covering Press Gangs had never been repealed and were therefore still on the statute books. Anyone know if this is still the case?
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Although it was still a legal past time it is not believed to have been used after 1815.

    More interesting stuff
  5. Yeah, I'm still looking for the get who put that shilling in the bottom of my pint too.

  6. Thankyou all for that.I have just been press-ganged at work and will append the info to my boss in a snotagram
  7. Just been on that SITE that Janner posted , very interesting but had to squint to read it , or maybe I need to get my arse out to specsavers :twisted: :roll:
  8. Aril 1999!! I swear it :wink:
  9. When I was 15 years and 9 days old I was walking along the platform at Ipswich railway Station on a day trip up from home, minding my own business and being a good little boy when a man in a dark uniform and a funny looking hat shouted at me and a small group of other lads who also happened to be at the same place and herded us into a coach with bars on the windows. Next thing I knew I was being driven through the gates of a place called The Annexe and the gates were slammed shut behind us. The rest is history. Now I would call that impressment. I was deeply impressed! :lol:
  10. It was repealed in 1812.As stated on the site linked above.It was one of the major reasons for the little known war between ourselves and the blossoming USA.Due to the time it took to recieve messages, the War was declared by the US, citing empressment as a Causus Belli,but it had been repealed before the declaration of War,but the US Govt werent party to this info till too late.So in effect the US had no claim upon us re Pressing of seamen.Sounds familiar,dont it?LOL
  11. Andy,it wass our habit of stopping neutral ships,not just US one, and checking for Contraband of War that started the US/British war of 1812
  12. Well the Causus Belli cited by congress was the Impressment of bona fide US citizens,who had been RN personell in the past.As such the RN was in the right to repress those seamen that had reneged on the RN.This was in addition as you rightly say in stopping Neutrals as was seen as harbouring Runaway Servicemen and as such we seemed to think that we had the right to retrieve them.LOL.The War of 1812 is a very interesting but little known conflict.recenty the History channel did a great programme about it.
  13. Impressment is still lawful. Of course, the last time we 'press-ganged' people was arguably in 1960, when National Service was abolished.

  14. Have a read of the Reserve Forces Act 1996. You can still be pressed ganged whatever the length of time you have been out of the service. No longer is it 3 years in the RFR as occured with the old RFA 86. Watch out BLIAR needs you as an old recruit.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nozzy can be our rep as he has already volunteered :eek:
  16. I must admit that I have always believed that if our Lordships wanted any of us on the outside they would get us one way or the other, resistance is futile.

  17. I thought that was the excuse taht the US used for war? The History Channel is US based remeber, so of course they'll tell you that side of things!

    One of the reasons for the RN stopping US shipping was that many ship owners were re-flagging UK vessels under the US flag as a flag of convenience, to prevent their commandeering for the war against Napoleon.

    Be that as it may, there was a large expansionist mood and policy in Congress at the time - they wanted to puich westwards and northwards. With Britain seemingly tied up with Napoleon, it was decided to make a push North into Canada, using the excuse of RN inspecting US shipping as a pretext. They were sent packing by a force far inferior in numbers. IN fact, contrary to what the US media may say, the US performed very poorly in the War of 1812 - albight with some exception (and New Orleans was at most a squirmish - similar to the burning of Washington DC - fought after the peace treaty!).
  18. 8) 'The Andrew' Just old terminolgy for the Royal Navy it comes from the days of Press Gangs perpetuating the memory of a legendary member of the press-gangs,Andrew Miller who was said to have claimed ownership of the Navy because of the hundreds of men he had pressed into the Navy.
    His christian name lives on in the service,the Royal Navy is still known to the lower deck? as the 'Andrew',Aye JR :D

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