Press coverage of Murdoch et al a smoke screen?

I know how important the NI\Conservative\Liebour scandal is but I have wondered why the media are going overboard on this. Both BBC and SKY (irony) have scaffolding news points set up outside parliament for what reason?
To concentrate on this news story and not perchance on other news such as the USA not having enough money to pay Social Security this month and collapse of the Left's darling, the Euro? Debt crisis: As Rupert Murdoch grilling turns into farce, bankers get £14bn bonuses | Mail Online
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If you can't kick a man when he is down ...

Sad, that the three leaders of the same political three headed monster had to come together to feel as though they have enough strength to criticise Murdoch.
There are several reasons why this has been made headline news rather than other crises.The Labour Party have been driving it in parliament for two reasons.a)to try and shake the power of the Murdoch press empire and b)they see a way of getting at Cameron because of Andy Coulsen.Because Murdoch's empire is worldwide so it becomes of global interest.There is also a sense that there is still much more to come as the convicted hacker had many clients in the media of which the NOTW was only fifth in terms of amount of work done.The Met.Police are also very wobbley and it is quite likely that there are more embarrassments in the pipeline for them.
Now the MPs have gone on holiday perhaps the story will cool down for a while but there is plenty of mileage left in it yet.
Ahh, yes, the going on holiday bit and hope people forget trick. We have our politicians down here doing the same trick regarding the child abuse investigation.

Concur with the thought of there's more to come. Don't forget that Cameron can also wave his magic wand (clam down Rummers, not that one..) and make this all go away. It is called a "D notice". Blair liked these, especially with the Muslims celebrating outside Parliament after the incident on the 11th of September 2001. Oops, I shouldn't have mentioned that ... ooh, hello...someone's at the door .. back in a jiffy ......
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