Press Association: SDSR To Be Published In 2 Parts Next Week

The keenly-anticipated Strategic Defence and Security Strategy will be published in two parts next week, Downing Street has said.

Following an hour-long meeting of the National Security Council in No 10, the Prime Minister's official spokesman said the first part, setting out the strategic context, would be released on Monday.

The main spending decisions will then be announced in a statement to Parliament on Tuesday - the day before the overall Comprehensive Spending Review setting out the Government's plans to tackle the deficit.

The Prime Minister's spokesman would not comment on the discussions, which lasted around an hour, saying only that "very good progress" had been made.

Unlike the last meeting, which was attended by all the service chiefs, only the Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, was present from military, suggesting the key decisions are now in place.

One of the central issues has been the future of the Royal Navy's £5.2 billion programme to build two new aircraft carriers.

Reports have suggested that prohibitive cancellation fees mean that the ships have proved too costly to axe.

However one of the vessels may be placed on "extended readiness" - effectively mothballed - to save on the running costs.

There are suggestions that the Navy may have to pay the price for retaining both carriers by accepting swingeing cuts to the rest of the Fleet.

There are clear signs that the RAF is in line to lose significant numbers of fast jet fighters as part of the drive to finding spending cuts of between 10% and 20% over the next four years. However the Army appears to have resisted pressure to significantly reduce troop numbers as long as it is engaged on combat operations in Afghanistan, which are due to end by 2015.
Yep, typical political short sightedness. Save the Army from cuts that that probably won't be fully implemented by the time they've left Afghanistan...because they're in Afghanistan.

Oh well no point in complaining before it's published...plenty of time for that next week :roll:
Aye, the party voted for the other milliband while the unions voted for the red one that they can push around hahaha. Im throwing this idea out there but...........Monty for PM with Jonno as Deputy PM
If you read the thread I provided the link to you'd see that 2DD was PM and Monty had Foreign Sec. I agree that Jonno should be deputy PM though. It would be an entertaining couple of weeks when 2DD took his holidays...

I've currently got Education but I'm hoping for a promotion. As a Scouser perhaps you could be SoS for Work and Pensions. :p

Purple Twiglet could be the tea lady.
Re: Press Association: SDSR To Be Published In 2 Parts Next

Well this place is going to be alive with discussion Mon & Tuesday. We've all been waiting what seams like a very long time for this.


Lantern Swinger
Re: Press Association: SDSR To Be Published In 2 Parts Next

I've read various press reports of what is coming in the SDSR, but have yet to see any mention whatsoever of any Strategic considerations, only ones of cost, so presumably once again we'll have a botched job of cutting expenditure without proper consideration of the bigger picture.

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