Any experience of President? What an open goal, just begging for an easy shot or two. Must ... resist ... temptation ......

Sorry, only kidding, haven't been there for years so cannot really comment.


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I was there as a rating before I went full time as an officer, but that was years ago. At the time it got a bad press from the other units because it was very officer heavy, but when I got there I found that the people were excellent, a great bunch. The fact that it has one of the best locations of any MOD site is a bonus!! :smile:


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You'll hear a lot of crap about PRESIDENT - usually by people who've never been there, or have not seen it in many many years.
Yes the unit USED to be a bit of a yacht club, yes there WERE some muppets present - but show me a single RNR unit that doesn't have this?

Bottom line is that its a busy unit, with a lot of extant tasks that means it gets a higher profile than smaller units. Come along and you'll get a warm welcome, and see what the unit is really like.

Personally I'd appreciate it if we didnt turn this thread into some kind of lets slag off PRESIDENT thread - its very old and very boring.


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Jim30 said:
Personally I'd appreciate it if we didnt turn this thread into some kind of lets slag off PRESIDENT thread.

Likewise, the reson for the question is that I'm trying to identify which unit to parent with, given the type of work I'm interviewing for then I anticipate I'll be in London as a matter of course, however have no intention of moving into the city.
I remember the days of the old HMS Chrysanthamumthingy... I haven't been to Pressy since London Unit RNXS were disbanded in 1993 when we were based there, but it's nicely situated, architectually interesting (well the design of the indoor parade ground is, any way) and, most importantly of all it has an excellent, friendly SRs mess. None of us RNXS'ers were allowed in the JRs mess in case our great age frightened the RNR volunteers away, and we got collectivly nicknamed The Grandparents! :wink: :lol:

PS: If you get lost trying to find your way to a classroom, don't worry. The staff on the front desk dispatch a search party at 0001 to retrieve any stragglers who have not signed out... :grin:

Can't speak for President or any other units in the London area as I'm not from that neck of the woods, but if you are thinking of joining, I would say to you that no matter what unit you join, its up to you to make it work. The more you put in, the more you get out in my experience. Go along and visit them, and you can see for yourself. Good luck with making your decision.
phil1972 said:
And don't forget London has two RNR Units, with Wildfire at Northwood (convenient for the tube and the M25 at the same time).

I was briefly at Wildfire and if I had stayed I wouldve been out by now - as a post Fleet Board officer, the only 'work' the SM could give me observe the JO's instruction from the back of the lecture room.



there's only one way to find out if president is right for you....go along and have a look. turn up on any drill night and you'll find a warm, if a little disorganised, welcome!


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Quite a few characters came from President back in the 70s/80s when we did our two weeks "training" at CSOS Irton Moor Scarborough.....happy days :mrgreen:

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