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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by onions, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone else catch George Ws gaffe on the news this morning. He was talking about the Gulf incident when he said, "President... er... Prime minister Blair".

    Keep Striving.
  2. That Prat stated "I will visit London sometime and while I am there I may even visit England" Frightening is it not!!
  3. At least he didnt call himself a Do nut like JFK did in Berlin!Bush is still a numpty!

  4. Good old "Dubya", makes me smile anyway , :lol:
  5. What a quiz show! Dubya meets Prince Philip.

    "Now Dubya for ten points who said if you stay here to long you will be going slitty eyed" And what man who has never had a job told the public to go get on their bike"

    A clue the name starts with a P and ends in a P At times the P is silent as in swimming!

    Your last question Dubya will be "What is the capital of London" You may phone a friend if you have one.
  6. If you're referring to Phil the Bubble he did serve at sea in WW2, IIRC.

    Anyway he's quality entertainment, no wonder that tribe in the Pacific revere him as a god. :wink:
  7. I think Phil the Greek gives excellent value for the money!

    I much prefer hearing what he's got to say than any other Royal. The man knows how to dish out a quality insult.
  8. It would be funny except that bufoon is the most powerful man in the world and it's frightening.
  9. The Duke of Edinburgh may qualify as politically incorrect but he is certainly no idiot. George W, on the other hand and in my not so humble opinion, is a poorly educated retard.
  10. On the subject of gaffes, this has got to be a whopper ! - Mr Bliar has recently spoken :

    "Labour has a record in local government in which we can take pride", and, "we have made communities secure, wealthier, fairer, and (he hopes) happier"

    This man, surely, is not of this planet ? He must have forgotten (or maybe his experts have not advised him) of the amount of ASBOs being issued, the breakdown of our sceurity (because he and his ilk have sold out to the EU) the terrorists allowed to escape justice by dressing as women (diversity??), the Home Office fiasco (shortly to be doubled because of the split), the legalisation of some so-called soft drugs, etc etc etc

    His departure can't come too soon for me, and 2008 when, hopefully, we can get rid of the sleaziest party this country has ever known.

  11. You forget that even the great TB has become affected by the disease of power and actually believes both what his assembled yes men tell him and even more worryingly what his speach writers tell him to say. He has lived so long in the world of spin that he can no longer distiguish between fact and fiction.
  12. Sleaziest your must be having a laugh? Aitken, Archer, Hamilton now there's a trio of 5* sleaze.
  13. Mind you after Randy Mandy was found with his fingers in the till the second time TB sent him of to that organisation of absolute fincial proprietry the EU, and is this a good day to bury bad news?

  14. Not really, they all have faults and certain members currently in power have far more than most, but then I'm not blinded by a class hatred as some are.

  15. Trust old Finknottle to spout up--lol ! A real old -- ' I don't believe it' ---get with it man---those labour berks have been buggering the country up long enough. Get them out !!
  16. It makes no financial difference to me who is in power but I hope that all you Tory lovers get your just desserts if and when that rabble do return to power.

    Class hatred :)
  17. Dear Finky

    It is not so much that this place is full of Tory lovers, I certainly am not one of them, but TB and his mob have had therir chance and I'm afraid cocked it up again, if nothing else we need a change of cocck ups and ccker uppers.

    Now if we could get every one to vote for the Moster Raving Loonies perhaps we could have alaugh about it at least.
  18. finknottle
    Yes they were, but it took them 15 years to achieve that level of sleeze, Nulabour did in 8! Scumbags all :evil:
  19. Any of them been jailed yet? :)
  20. Ah!, but your so-called 5* Tory sleazies were done for civil offences, weren't they ?
    Sleaze in office (Mandelson, Blunkett, Mandelson2, Blunkett2 - to mention but a couple.....ahem!!) is a whole different kettle of fish - besides which, your avatar appears to be a thistle (?) if you hail from north of the border shouldn't you be wondering what will happen there in a few weeks?? (Think SNP) :wink: :)

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