President Barack Hussein Obama

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. The election was just called for Obama. Full results aren't tallied yet but McBush was thrashed and has just conceded. Now let's see Bubbleboy, Cheney et al have their collars felt :thumright:

  2. Isn't it great to know that you are living through an historic moment? Let's hope now that he can serve a full term without some right wing nut job taking a pot shot at him. :thumright:
    I also wish him a lot of luck with clearing up the mess that Shrub has left him.
  3. How did they do that I thought the democrats weren't supposed to vote until today.

    I do hope the reality is as good as the advert, mind you could it be any worse than the Shrub.
  4. Er! always we'll have to wait and see who is pulling his strings.
    For a country that has only been around a dog watch they have some very fixed ideas.
  5. Indeed.
  6. I wish him every success in a very unenviable job. He's an interesting chap who could only shine given his opponent.

    I do remember mind you that Blair was supposed to bring in change and the first step of the noo Labour govt. (you sprogs won't remember this) was to attack single parents ... let's hope that the Yanks can do it better than we did/do ...
  7. Nice idea, but what are the chances that it will really happen?

    PS Closing Gitmo would also be a nice touch. Might do something to restore faith in the US justice system.
  8. Is that not a racist remark??

    "Oh chocolate drop, that’s me
    ’Cause, my hair is curly
    Just because my teeth are pearly
    Just because I always wear a smile
    Like to dress up in the latest style
    ’Cause I’m glad I’m livin’
    Take troubles all with a smile
    Just because my color shade
    Is different maybe
    That’s why they call me "Shine"

    First sung in 1910.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Here we go, socialism at home and appeasement abroad. The US will come to regret being taken in like this.
  10. Good luck President Obama.The new Commander in Chief and goodbye to the Idiot in Chief.But keep your eye on the the Idiot he still has until the 20th of January 2009 to swing his wrecking ball around.As for Bubble Boy and Cheney's collars being felt.Nice thought but I think the shredders on Capital Hill will be running on hot over the next few weeks.
    Appeasement wasn't that something the Conservatives did between the wars. :thumright:
  11. Well I voted for him and he is MY President Elect.
    Give the guy a chance............
  12. Congrats to Obama! I dont envy his position though. I think many americans voted for him in the hope that he will be able to wave a kind of magic wand and make all their financial/racial woes go away, plus sort out the two wars that dubya started. That is, of course, not humanly possible to do within one or even two presidential terms, and I fear that he may get shiteloads of unwarranted criticism in the next few months and years because of this.
  13. 'In a democracy the people get what they deserve' - Thomas Jefferson

    Red Sailor
  14. Wasn't it that Republican, Shrub (great nickname!), who has led to the biggest socialisation of the financial markets the world has ever seen?
  15. I hope and pray this administration has the fortitude to stand firm when they start going after the previous administration and the crooks...Cheney et al, too many times after a new administration gets in they start the process only to get sidetracked about bringing up old news or well, whats done is done type crap....too many skeletons in this current administrations deep closets and the new administration coming in, in January need to rattle the cages....and bring back accountability to the office's these current crooks hold... :thumright:
  16. What like it was taken in by Shrub, Cheney et al?
  17. Nice to see historic events, keep watching, within 12 monthes you will see another one, when some white supremisist prick shoots him!
    We've started a book on it in the office
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Isn't it great, anytime something goes wrong in the world now we can blame it on the black fella............ :dwarf:

  19. Dont you think that comment is rather sad.

    My Lads at sea used to giggle once a month when they thought the Jenny was having a bad week...........Rather pathetic
  20. This was a racist election.

    I have not seen or heard a single news item or comment that has not said "The first BLACK president".

    What has colour to do with it, it's all about Republican, Democrat and policies isn't it?

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