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Preserved Pension Eligibility


Hi all;

Posting this on behalf of me old fella (Ex RN).

He left the Navy in or around 1969 and had been in around 9 years, left because me Mum was nagging him to get out - should have stayed in cos she`s been nagging hime eversince!!!

Anyway I`m going to get his exact service details but he has heard through the grapvine that he might have been eligible for a preserved pension, possibly through an article in the Navy News or the British Legion.

I have scoured the internet and will be phoneing SPVA on Monday but wondered if anyone had any idea what the eligibility is for those who left pre AFP75?

He could do with a few more coffers to help with the Gee Gee`s and whisky rations.

Many thanks


Book Reviewer
If it helps, I served between 60 and 70 and am not entitled to anything, there was a campaign to try and get something but I believe it came to nothing.

Have a look here for the latest information


Yes you should be entitled to something:

Prior to 06 April 1975 there was no provision for a preservation of pension benefits and service personnel who left the Armed Forces had to have completed 16 years from age 21 (Officers) or 22 years from age 18 (Other ranks). Those who left before that date without completing the above criteria, lost all pension entitlement.

The rules changed on 06 April 1975 to provide for pensions to be preserved for payment at age 60 for all those discharged over the age of 26 with a minimum of 5 years service. On 06 April 1988, the qualifying period was reduced from 5 to 2 years and the age criterion was dropped. Preserved pensions have to be claimed at age 60.

Service pensions are administered by the Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (AFPAA) but pension payments are made by Paymaster, the paying authority for the Armed Forces pension Scheme (AFPS).

Get in touch with AFPS asap.


Book Reviewer
If he left prior to 1975 He gets nothing as it stands, read the first paragraph of your quote again


Prior to 06 April 1975 there was no provision

I think the emphasis there is 'was'.

The rules changed on 06 April 1975 to provide for pensions to be preserved for payment at age 60 for all those discharged over the age of 26 with a minimum of 5 years service.

I think that bit is where it says they 'now' do have preserved pension.


War Hero
janner said:
If he left prior to 1975 He gets nothing as it stands, read the first paragraph of your quote again

Janner is right, the rules changed in April 1975, all those still serving at the time were transferred onto AFPS 75, those who had already left got zilch. I've recently been through this to help out a friend who sadly has now passed on, he got a polite but firm letter explaining that he was entitled to feck all, he left in March 1975!!!


So another - who gives a shit about old people - regulation.

There is a similar thing in the civil service. You can alot some of your pension to your wife so she will be ok when you die. If she should die before you, however, it can't be changed back and you dip out of the amount you alotted to her.


War Hero
I remember when the pussers pension was amended so that when you died your wife would receive 50% of it. However this was only for the years following the announcement. We were allowed to pay for any years prior to then, consequently if my wife outlives me (as is normal) she will get 50% of my pension.
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