Preparing for the RT test ..


Have just taken and failed the RT test on numeracy, verbal reasoning and english although I have decent GCSE grades in these areas. So this failure came as a bit of a shock :roll:

The AFCO have told me to disappear and return in 12 months time but I can take the test in 6 months if I do Key Skills with Learn Direct.

Three questions :

1) Does anyone know of good preparatory books or books containing the sort of problems you get in the RT test ?

2) What is the approximate pass mark for Weapons Engineering trades ?

3) Do people on here think that the Forces may be reducing their intake
due to the severe budget problems the MOD are facing ?

Any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated :lol:


Lantern Swinger
i think the pass for weapons engineering is 67, ninja put a link sum where in newbies section with the navy guide book in it that will tell you.
Hi gizmo_10,
I found these two books helpful, the first one gives you a heads up on timing the tests you do and are Navy RT specific and the second one was really just to widen my knowledge of RT tests.
Both books are available from amazon

1. Succeed at Psychometric Testing - Practice Tests For The Armed Forces Entry Level by Bernice Walmsley ISBN: 978-0-340-92655-0

2. Ultimate Psychometric Tests Mike Bryon ISBN: 978-0-7494-5308-4

Hope this helps :)

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