Preparing for the AIB - Tips?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Victory, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone. New to RR today - lots of good stuff on here but I can't find any tips on preparing the AIB, particularly the command tasks and interview. Any advice?
  2. Be yourself and be fit. The Board do not want finished articles - they are looking for potential; your command task does not have to actually succeed for you to pass - they just want to see you have a basic grasp of leadership and teamwork. Have a good general knowledge of which grey things are where and brush up on distance/speed/time calcs if your maths isn't too hot. Its an enjoyable few days though so good luck...
  3. Are you an in-service candidate or are you joining straight from civilian life? AIB is the same for both, but the advice will be different.
  4. I'm joining as a civilian - a complete newbie!
  5. If you haven't already done so, get a copy of the AIB DVD from the Careers Office - it tells you what will happen when you get there.

    Go to the RN website HERE as it contains loads of info on General Naval Knowledge. Brush up on current types, future projects, deployments, branches, badges of rank etc.

    For the group discussion you'll do well to practice Time, Distance and Speed calculations as you'll be asked questions based on a fictional scenario. During the team exercises and group discussions, don't try and dominate, just listen to the opinions of the others and, if they have good ideas, go with them; however, if you have a good idea, then say so. The RN are after team people not dictators :wink:

    For the interview you'll be asked to elaborate on any positions of responsibility you have held (eg clubs, sports teams etc) and how you have gone out of your way to seek responsibility and demonstrate your potential. They may also ask you about what the RN is up to at the moment and what major deployments or projects are on the go.

    But above all, relax and be yourself.
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  8. You can't go wrong listening to the advice of Tattoo Dog!

    Have you got your practice questions they send with the joining instructions yet? If you have, these are very similar but the most difficult of the ones they send you is equivalent to the easiest on the actual tests.

    Look at the PQs, work out from them how long you have for each question on the actual tests. For most of them it's about 7 seconds. When you do the tests, stick with these times - if you can't answer, or are not working a question out after 5 seconds then move on. Speed is of the essence in the tests. If you can do quick arithmetic you should be ok. The verbal stuff - read a dictionary - there'll be words you've never heard of unless you've read one!

    Remember as much as possible from the PLT demonstrations - once you've had these, the pictures in your cabin will make a bit more sense!

    For the bleep test, look up what you should be expected to achieve as a member of the RN here: RNFT standards and aim to at least reach this. It's not a big part of the overall score, but every point counts, so if you do some prep it's easy points. Male, 20 got to level 6-2, female, 18/19ish, got to level 4-5, both failed. Don't stop until you either die or you get your 3 misses

    In the PLTs you need to be loud - make sure the board (watching from a distance) can hear you. In the leaderless task, try to naturally take charge of the others but be careful not to be overbearing - this is a team player assessment! In your task, be loud, lots of motivational stuff for your team and get stuck in with them. The comment about not getting the task done not making a difference, I'd be tempted to disagree - but that maybe the case for civilans. On my AIB 2 of 3 passed, the failure was the only one not to complete his task, on my oppos AIB, same thing. Perhaps they expect in service candidates to complete the task.

    For the discussion exercise, remember as much as you can from the information you read, every little detail, from names to the time of sun rise and sunset, don't just concentrate on the scenario - they'll question you on everything. When you go into the board room for the discussion, make sure you get your input to the scenario but let others talk - it's a fine line between being left out of the group and being overbearing. You must hammer down about getting your aims, then prioritise the aims, then devise your plan to achieve the aims.

    The quick fire questions - it's a nightmare! don't bluff, don't lose it and give it stacks of erm erm umm. If you don't know then say "I don't know" if you think you know, have a go and do it confidently. Find out a method of quickly calculating times to cover distances at whatever speed.

    The interview, just tell them all about you. It's based around the information you put on your Q101 form. Examples of when you've been a leader, a team member, goals you've set yourself. Don't be afraid to mention when you've had something go wrong, as long as you can follow it up with how you fixed it! Know where the RN and UK armed forces are operating, maybe a bit about NATO and UN operations also.

    From the time you get there, get to know the other 3 members of your board, the staff will harp on about this, but it helps if you get on with them and can work well with them

    Hope this helps!
  9. I take it you passed SUYAIB?
  10. So what's AIB then? :???:
  11. The Admiralty Interview Board for potential officers
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    Get something straight you imbecilic, asinine simpleton - I don't "take the piss" as you so eloquently put it. I elucidated that it must be a perturbing and poignant experience being sat before a panel of Royal Navy Officers as you attempt to convince and prevail upon them.

    I am nervous myself about joining as a rating and merely remarked on my perception that the AIB is more alarming.

    And what is your problem with me having an avatar containing the greatest Naval hero in Royal Navy history?
  17. The speed times distance problem is solved by remembering the 6 minute rule.

    divide the speed by 10 to get how far you can go in 6 mins, from there use multiples.

    For the PLT, it helps to get it right. When the staff member takes you through the way to construct bridges etc as they are actually giving you hints on the tasks you will get. Secondly, in the pub the night before all of this, get together with your syndicate and find out who the loudes voice is, remember who it is and then swing him across the other side of the gym so that his voice can't drown you out. Finally, once you have done your PLT be as proactive as you can for the other team members.

    Be yourself, don't lie and make sure you do you zip up!!
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