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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by carter88, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi I have just completed all the tests to join the royal navy and am now waiting for a joining date for raleigh.
    I was just wondering if their are any books/media or any tips you could give me that would prepare me for the navy way of life.
    I know it would be wise to get my ironing and bedmaking skills up to scratch and have started to train every day to get me used to alot of physical work.

    Is their anything else you could suggest to help me prepare for this?

  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Read the hundreds of posts in the Newbies section
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Janner just beat me to it!

    This thread is as good as any.

    There are other useful ones regarding the wearing of make-up, tips on haircuts & luggage tips to be had in abundance.

    Good luck & enjoy!
  4. This sight helps a lot, basic ironing is required but the guy in the bed next to me had never ironed in his life and he passes his kit musters. Cunningham Port is the best division mate you should pray you get put there and not fisguard. Im at Raleigh now after two weeks easter leave I go back into week 5. I absolutley love it, there isnt that much phys to be honnest. Scran is crap but you get used to it.
  5. The thing about Raleigh is this: If you're any good at it, you won't know what any other divisions are like to make a comparison.
  6. Hell we saw fisguard getting bolocked by their PO, I hope i dont get injured and backclassed to fisguard
  7. Why are all the divisions different?
    I dont get why some are sposed to be harder to pass out of.

    Am I just having a stupid moment still being drunk from the night before?
    Or I am the only confused one
  8. Some of the divisional petty officers are better than others. My PO is strict but fair but some of the others are push overs and others are too strict. The latter two tend to loose recruits because they PVR if the PO is too strict or they get discharged because their PO doesnt show enough dicipline and the recruits balls up. If you work hard and you want it bad enough you will break any division.
  9. I don't know if that's entirely true, I think it's just the PO's planting ideas about how much better your division is than the others.
    There are too many checks and balances in place to let a half-arsed effort by a PO slip through (ADTO's, DTO's etc.)
    Don't confuse different styles of leadership for weakness.
  10. i Agree with you fetchit being overly aggressive is definately not a leadership quality, and really should not be tolerated, and from my own experience generally is not tolerated at Raliegh, I think most of the training staff have the welfare of the trainees at heart ( which is part of there job)

    Any one who has Joined Raliegh especially younger guys at 16 should be immensly proud of there achievements, very few civvies go through the long selection process that you guys have achieved, and dont be shy about being proud,once a sailior always a sailior, its a way of life like being a vicar except you can get pissed Sh..g women

    Best of luck enjoy it , its an incredible way of life
  11. You've clearly never been to my local church then :p
  12. Fisguard is generaly stricter because it is the block all the newbies are mustered every sunday. also its where the hq and all hq staff work which includes ocrs and the recruit school warrent officer. The senior class goin through now is an absoulute shower tho. when we were being inspected on divisions in week 2 the psm had them doin pres ups cos they all kept fidgiting.
  13. im fisgard 39 starboard and im loving it its tough and were told fisgard has the highest standards plus starboard is apparently the hardest side of the entry, but its good as long as you do as your told!
  14. I was part of Cunningham, Cunningham 30's

    we were pap, if i remember rightly
  15. Absolutely. When you get a duty PO of a night that does bed checks and such, they were always absolute bastards. And they didn't treat their own divisions like that, just others. Or maybe just Fisgard, I don't know. The duty POs used to drip about our division and how much better theirs was. It doesn't matter, they're just competing against each other.

    As it happened, I was in Fisgard and our POs adored us for being the best class they'd ever had- and one of them had been in charge of twenty. Maybe it was the way they taught us (they were absolutely superb in every way) or maybe they were as lucky as we were.

    Raleigh pushes you just that little bit further than you need to be to be successful in the fleet. So as long as you pass out, it doesn't matter what division you were in as long as you respect everyone else for the division they were in.
  16. nope cunningham starboard is way batter than you porties!:p
  17. you probably think its so much better because you can easily get by with the lax standards. try fisgard for a week. see if you can handle it
  18. Haha the boy's got a point!
    When you're in a building that accepts all the sprogs before they start training, and has the OCRS (Or OCIRT as you have to call him now :|) using it as his HQ the standards are SO fricking high!

    If I manage to pass out of Raleigh under Fisgard I'll be so proud, much more proud than if I was to pass out of a regular division.
  19. O no not a stern talking to. How harsh is that o_O

    Have a word.

    ANd Cornwell stbd is the best division
  20. The reality isthe division you end up in will be the best, that is the way it is and always has been. You wilalways find a reason why your group is the best whether it is for good or bad reasons

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