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Preparing for battle!

Morning Gents.

I've taken a wander over from the green side where I Mod the finance forum.

Two weeks ago today, My Jack Russell died of Xylitol poisoning.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute found in all sorts of products. Anyway I'm more than slightly pissed off at the fact that something that I had in the house as "food" killed the dog and have started a Face Fanny group in order to ; A improve awareness of Xylitol and what it can do to Dogs and cats B; Build up a support base for a future campaign for better labeling of products with Xylitol in. Currently theres very little or no warning that this stuff can **** you pets up.

For general knowledge it can kill by inducing hypoglycemic coma and then if that doesn't kill necrosis of the liver.

So I'd be grateful if any of you have Face book could sign on hit the "LIKE" button and then find the "SHARE" button and spread the word.


I've submitted a reply gents but as its got a URL in it Its been sent off for modding.

I'm sure it will appear soon. Along with my admission that I shouldn't post am until my meds have worn off.

In the mean time lets try something different. Stick some W'w in front of this and you should get there.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Done mate, and thanks for the info, all of my siblings own cats or dogs so they ought to be aware of this. Sorry for your loss.


War Hero
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Have just emailed my some who has the two dogs as well.

And 'Liked' too!
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