preparation for RFA engineering apprenticeship


Eng App -

The Sept 2020 intake will be starting at HMS Raleigh for 1 week, for an induction package and uniform issue.

They will then be moving to HMS Sultan for the remainder fo their course.

This brings them in alignment with the other RFA Apprenticeships, so all 5 RFA apprenticeships will start at Raleigh.
Except we start at Sultan on the 4th October now instead of going straight there from Raleigh.
The three weeks is to do distance learning to make sure all apprentices are competent in Maths, English and IT. Not everyone has to do it (depending on GCSE's etc) but it's still adviced to do incase your rusty!


I've passed my psychometric test and now I have about 8 months to wait until I go for my interview and see what my next steps are.


Evening all,

I been trying to find out about the engineering apprenticeship through the RFA for about a week now and I keep coming up empty. By far on here is the most useful but i can't seem to find definitive answers so I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions I have?

1) I understand its 33 weeks training but could someone brake it down for me please eg: how long in gosport how long at sea etc.

2) The psychometric test is a real concern for me as I've suffered from depression since I was 12 and don't want to be fucked over by this. I havent self harmed ever and have always done whats asked from me by the Drs (trapped in a 9/5 doesn't help)

3) I work in IT now but I have no qualifications at all i'm fully self-taught and dont have GCSE's to talk about really. Will this be an issue?

4) what resources would you fine people recommend to learn about the RFA? ive watched all the videos on YouTube and i have read the wiki pages but surely there's more out there?

5) finally whats the rules on bringing a camera on board a ship? I'm a keen photographer and if I'm lucky enough to travel for work I would love take take dome photo's if at all possible.

Thanks in advance and try to be nice ha!
Each ship has a Twitter account and a Tweeto so if you're good with a camera that's no worries.

Psychometric test isn't really that- it's maths, English, mech comprehension and reasoning. It's not hard, and past history of self harm won't stop you smashing it if you have half a brain.

DM me if you have specific questions, but go for it.


Thanks SeaBiscuit,
I've already passed my psychometric and follow all the ships on twitter I now have a long wait till the next steps.

One question I do have is what life is like a sultan? How many to a dorm/mess/room etc and is it mandatory for me to stay on base or can I rent a flat?
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