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OK - I know I am going to be slaughtered for this, but does anyone have any up-to-date info on how to prepare for BRNC. If there's anyone who's at Dartmouth or been through recently - what did you find useful or what do you wish you'd done before?

I'm told that Dartmouth is a constantly evolving beast so some info on it post 2014 would be nice :)

Cheers all :)
I've been there recently.

The single biggest thing I'd note is be as fit as you possibly can be. Six weeks after you join you'll be on a formal assessment of your leadership, and trust me, it's far easier to lead if you're not utterly exhausted.

You're not expected to be bootneck fit, but being comfortably inside PFT standards, and well as coping with an hours worth of circuits will definitely help.


Thanks :) that's great - I need to work on my fitness but I've got time and it's coming along!

Any prep that one can do with regard to the leadership or academic sides to BRNC?
"Leadership is just plain you" - Field Marshal the Lord Slim

Know your strengths and weaknesses. What makes you ratty? How long do you need to be able to make decision? How comfy are you with partial information?

Sit down and have a real think about yourself. You are neither a god amongst your peers, nor a complete dullard who can do nothing. You are more than capable of being an Officer - the AIB decided that - you just need to work out which bits need strengthening.

If it's any consolation, after 20 years, in still trying to work it out...


Lantern Swinger
1. Phys phys phys! You'll be able to give the other parts of training their due attention (and you're more likely to enjoy it) if you're not hanging out of your arse all the time. Robust physical preparation also reduces the risk of things like stress fractures and other injuries, which could delay your career (or end it) before it's even started.
2. Make sure you've got everything on the kit list, and all other admin squared away. See Joining Instructions:
3. Familiarise yourself with Rules of the Road.


Thank you both very very much - fitness is clearly something I need to work hard at.

What sort of prep is best? I'm starting to pick up my running, but is there anything else I should be doing?
What sort of prep is best? I'm starting to pick up my running, but is there anything else I should be doing?
I'm starting Dartmouth in Jan so idk if my reply will be that useful, but here's what I've been doing. Phys has always been my worst attribute, so I've tried to step it up since selection

Running: sprints, intervals, longer runs (3-5mi), 2.4k to assess myself, practised a bit in hiking boots along muddy footpaths
Swimming: breast stroke primarily, treading water, trying to get out over a tall ledge when you're tired (not all pools have something like this)
Gym: weights and some bodyweight exercises
Also losing any excess weight, it makes perfect sense if you've ever run with a weighted vest

Bog standard stuff, you wanna do stuff that you know you'll actually do. No point having the perfect plan if it's so boring that you never do it. The longer you have to prepare the better, and cutting out alcohol wouldn't hurt esp. over christmas/new year

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