Pregnant - need advice


Hoping for some advice. I am 36 and pregnant by a petty officer in RN after a fling. As far as I know he is single but as he was away from home - who knows. I have advised him and he has not returned my messages. I plan to have the child but know very little about him. I know name, age, where he is currently posted, rank but I don't have his address etc which I need for child maintenance and communication. I've googled and there doesn't seem to be any help for ladies in my position. This is a genuine accident but we both made the baby and both need to take responsibility. What should I do? Are there any services offered by Navy welfare to assist?

Be kind with your responses - we are all human and have all made mistakes!
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Unless it is one day decided by the relevant authority that the father is legally financially responsible, it has absolutely nothing to do with the guy's employers.

This is not an RN matter.


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Have you had DNA test??? I was once accused of being the father after a wayward bonk. Unfortunately..for her... I had become sterile some 6 years before. Make sure before you accuse.


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From an employer's perspective, data protection and personal security prevent disclosure of personal details unfortunately but as stated above it looks more like a legal issue rather than an employment issue.

If the chap worked in Tescos, I doubt it would be any different.

Either way, best of luck and let's hope the support you and your child require are provided without unnecessary angst.