Pregnant 14-year-old says it's 'fashionable' as four friends

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Absolute magic :smile:
  2. What do you expect if you call your daughter f-ing Kizzy?
  3. How fashionable will they be when they cant afford new clothes and have to sponge of taxpayers to feed the kid, and where the hell are the parents, aren't they doing anything. It's always the same, idiots breed idiots, the circle of life continues!
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mrs SF is a midwife and has not long reached the point where she has delivered children for mothers that she delivered as babies... if you understand. She has been a midwife for only 15 years. The other one she came across recently was the 15 yr old pregnant daughter accompanied by her pregnant mother who thought she would have another baby to keep her daughter company as it would be fun to go round Mothercare together...

    Interestingly enough though - these girls are less hassle than the 40 something career professionals who suddenly realise that they ought to have baby as its the next thing on their list.

    My solution - low level alfa radiation source fitted at waist height in DHSS office doorframe. After so many benefit claims or months on social, a discreet push of a button and hey presto instant birth control.
  5. I can only agree. This could be the perfect solution.
  6. Ah, the Workhouse... happy days! :twisted:
  7. Re: Pregnant 14-year-old says it's 'fashionable' as four fri

    Good idea SF could just work wonders.
  8. I just dont believe it!The kin boyfriend is only 13 FFS!Well as long as the kid doesnt get tossed aside like an out of fashion handbag!Theres something severly lacking in todays youth!
  9. I couldn't even shoot my fat at 13 let alone fcuk a girl and get her up the stick!
  10. Re: Pregnant 14-year-old says it's 'fashionable' as four fri

    So who is being prosecuted for raping who - the 13 year old boy or the 14 year old girl................................ :???:
  11. As a single mother myself I'd love to have one of these girls come and shadow me for a week, perhaps then they will see how fashionable it is to:
    Never go out,
    Go round charity shops to buy clothes,
    To not be able to buy new furniture
    Have to share a bed with your child because you haven't got enough money to put on the heating on because your LO needed shoes.
    To live you life as a social outcast having people look down their noses at you and get blames for every single one of societies problems

    I'm a non smoker by the way, do have a drink ( as most in the chatroom will tell you) but certainly not going out every night or getting drunk every night)

    I'm digging myself out of this hole BTW by doing a college course and going to Uni in september

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