Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Guzzler, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Just to help clear up an office debate; can anyone remember when it was decided that WRNS (or female sailors if post disbandment) could remain in service having had a child?

  2. 1990. Well after the European Courts had declared that discriminating against women of child-bearing age was illegal. Mind you, it was enlightening to see how many women who had got pregnant in order to leave the Services were suddenly going to have reached the top of their promotion tree had they remained!
  3. Yeah I agree, we had so many ex-WRN comms putting in for the money when they said that they had been made to leave when they didn't want to!! What a load of tosh, it was away of a lot of them leaving without having to give 18 months notice.


  4. Thanks. Couldn't find it on Google.
  5. Or not go on deployment!
  6. Or work their part of ship.
  7. I bet they enjoyed working the ship in other ways though ;)

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