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Drakey said:
No. Not just anyone can tell you what the medical involves.

thats true i mean, i dont want me postman telling about the navy medical whens he's never had one!! can somebody whos had the royal navy pre joining medical please tell what is involved!! :thumright:


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Sorry, just couldn't resist it.

The medical is quite extensive. It is like an MOT from head to toe. Cough, pee in a bottle, bend over etc. You will have had an eye test prior to the medical as this is a requirement before you see the doctor. He/she will ask you about your medical history. If you haven't heard of a particular complaint/disorder/disease..... then you probably haven't suffered from it. You will be expected to strip down to your underwear. It also involves a hearing test (what was that ?). It should take about 30 minutes. It is carried out in complete confidence, so anything that you tell the doctor is not disclosed to anyone else. If you have had any previous medical condidtions the doctor may ask you to provide evidence by means of contacting your GP and in extreme cases a Specialist Medical may be required. If you do not disclose any previous medical conditions which then later come to light when you join the navy you can be discharged for not declaring it.
Well its just a basic physical, blood test, urine test, check over of your medical history, blood pressure, heart rate, listens to your breathing, hearing test, lung capacity test, and skeletal muscular tests. Off the top of my head. That was at the AIB a couple of years ago, doubt it has changed much.

In case you are worried; I didn't have the "cough test" I was merely asked if I checked myself regularly for any issues.


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thanks lads, theres not much i can do to change the results just gonna keep training eating healthy and hope i come out the other end!! ^_^;


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Henry_the_Green_Engine said:
Are there any conditions that are a definite no-no?

Scrofula,The Bloody Flux,Rabies,Leprosy,Rickets,Smallpox,Scurvy,Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,Staggers,The Bloat,Lights,Blindness,Deafness,No Arms or Legs,Microcephaly(Except for RM candidates),TB,Fen Fever,Lunacy,Ague,Headmouldshot,Kings Evil and Lethargy(Stand fast WAFU candidates).Think thats about it.

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