Pre Joining Medical


Can anyone give any information on the format of the pre-joining medical and what it involves?

I am a bit worried about it, as I am sure most other potential new recruits are.

Serious answers please!

I know they dont stick any fingers up your back eye!
i was nervous when i joined up 3 years ago but all he PJM involved then was a piss test to check for diabetes, a quick check to make sure i didn't have any skeletal problems. my height, weight and eyesight were all checked and the doc went over my medical history to make sure it was correct and to check i wasn't a manic depressive. there was nothing to be embarrassed about and afterwards i knew it was nothing to worry about.


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Weight, height, peak flow, hearing and eyesight tests, they have a look at all your joints, checking movement etc, also blood test, blood pressure, piss test and a hernia check (cough please!). The doc will also go through your medical history as killick_tiff said just to check everything is accounted for and to make sure there are no other snags.


There's always loads of threads like this in RR and, as has been said many times before, there's nothing special about a pre-joining medical. You'll have nothing to worry about unless you've lied on your application form.

Just bloody get on with it!