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Pre joining medical

Could someone please advise, i have recently broken my collar bone- (Three weeks ago ) and have my medical soon, will this affect or even prevent me from joining the RN ?, I DONT HAVE ANY METAL WORK JUST A LARGE LUMP !!!!!!!!!!!
As long as it wont impinge on strenuous activity you should be Ok.i should imagine that by the time you get a joining date it will be well healed.At worst you may have to have another Medical.
So long as it doesnt affect you're ability to do most things you should be ok.

If they do fail you write to the navy and give them the history of your injury including letter from your doctor and if possible a reference confirming thet your job is very physical and or you do regular physical exercis eg sport and you havent had any adverse effects.

I had a discectomy and the doc turned me down so sent a letter and was sent for a medical in London which i passed with flying colours.

If you want it don't give up.

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