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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by liverpooltom1, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,
    So i passed my RT and medical and have my fitness test coming up and could use some advice.

    Firstly on the swiming side of things im strugling quite a bit on the treading water part im practising it at my local pool and i dont seem to be getting better at it, does anyone know a good method for this?

    Also when you are trying to increase the amount of press ups you can do will lifting weights help you be able to achive more?

  2. You don't need to swim or do press ups in the PJFT
  3. Tom

    Not to sound facetious, but the best way to get good at treading water / press ups / running etc, is, wait for lots of treading water / press ups / running etc. There's no magic to it - with each, the more you do the better you get. To quote my old PTI, "It ain't rocket science!!"

    For yr press ups, have a look at this - one hundred push ups. It is an 8 week programme designed to improve press up ability by increasing the number you knock out in a controlled manner.

    Treading water - have you tried asking the lifeguards at yr pool? Reason I say that is that many moons ago I did the RLSS Pool Bronze, and I remember in the workup for that they LEATHERED you in the pool, particularly with treading water.

    It's worth asking, costs bugger all and they might give you some hints & tips.

    Hope this helps mate, and best of luck
  4. I did ask a lifeguard but he just started at the pool which is council owned and is pretty usless at advice and il try that pressup program
  5. As with swimming, so with treading water.

    Think long and slow. Long and slow.

    When upright in the water, stop moving. You'll notice that you sink. Move your arms or legs, and you'll resurface.

    Don't move your arms and legs fast, move them slowly. Stretch your arms out. Think long and slow, long and slow.

    Trust me. I know stuff.
  6. My boss says I've been treading water for years:smile:
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  7. Thanks taffd il try that as its the opposite to what i do
  8. I'd recommend going to BMF to help get fitter. There's one in Liverpool and across the water and it's cheaper than a gym.
  9. Taffd has got it spot on.

    Another thing you can do is tilt your head back so that your ears are submerged. Just adds a little extra buoyancy.

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