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Might be confusing myself here, do you need to be fit before you join the RNR, or can you join the RNR (assuming you pass written and medical etc) and then train your fitness at your unit ready for Raleigh?

I.e. when you first join and you have the interiew/written test/medical.. is a fitness test carried out then and there (2.4km, push ups etc), or is your fitness built on in prepration for a fitness test that's carried out at Raleigh, or are there two (one at application stage and one at Raleigh stage).


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All RNR ratings (and soon to be Officers regular & reserves) must undertake a PJFT after passing their medical.

If you don't pass the PJFT, you cannot be enrolled (even if you do attend your RNR unit) and cannot be paid either.

Some units do have provision (PTI staff) to take the PJFT at unit level, but the certificate must be forwarded to your AFCO in order to be upladed onto JPA for payment.


Yep, I had to do the 2.4km treadmill run at a local Fitness First centre as the final stage of recruitment. You're given a time to do this within depending on your age and gender.

Also, the New Entrants run 2.4km most Tuesday evenings, and you're expected to show improvements until you're ready for Raleigh!

So yes, being reasonably fit will certainly help!

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