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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by hillzymufc, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. Hello I have passed my interview and my medical(pending on blood pressure monitor results) and soon should be receiving a date for my fitness test. I have been running a lot lately and have improved my 1.5 mile time from 14 minutes to 12:30 but the time I need to get is 11:09. I have set my time on the road not on a treadmill like the test and have yet tried it on a treadmill. I was wondering if anyone found it easier on the treadmill then road and I you think I could possibly run it on the treadmill in 11:09? I don't no when my fitness test will be but it could be any time now so any tips or opinions would help. Thanks.
  2. 12.30?

    You sicken me.

    Run faster fatty.
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  3. There is always one, very funny and I am running a lot to get better and I am, but serious answers from now on please :)
  4. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    log off. get your trainers on and go running. when you come back, use the forum search function.
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  5. I wasn't trying to be funny. I'm deadly serious and Jenny is 100% correct.

    If I was running a 12.30 mile and a half with a PJFT (and potentially Raleigh) coming up, I'd be spending every spare second running up and down my street or doing phyz in my garden, not asking dull questions on the internet. You should be outside right now doing star jumps or running around your local park until you spew.

    11.09 is the bare minimum time acceptable, you should be comfortably looking to beat that and show considerable improvement before you join up. This is the rest of your life you're talking about and potentially the most important career move you'll ever make. Is it really worth risking it for something as basic as getting off your arse and going for a run?

    Don't post back here until you're doing at least a 10.30.
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  6. You know that bit where it hurts and you feel cack and tired when you run? It doesn't and you don't. You're just being a massive fanny.

    Run faster and stop being weak.
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  7. What have people found is the best technique to improve running times? I do loads of cardio on treadmill, rowing machines, stationary bikes etc. On the treadmill I do interval training, jogging at 6mph and running 8mph for one minute alternating. I can do this for about 30 mins but then I'm knackered.. I then push on until I feel like I'm going to collapse and go do some weights lol.

    I'm seeing some progress on my times but want to see the amount of time I can run flat out at, improve faster.. Any tips?

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  8. C'mon give the lardy a break...not everyone understands the complexities of physical fitness, I mean it's difficult to find anything out anywhere about healthy eating, or doing exercise, he was only asking a simple question.
    Admittedly, most quarterwits with dementia and learning difficulties could actually work it out themselves that they really ought to get there overweight bloated carcas away from the computer, bypass the fridge and biscuit tin and get hot and sweaty dodging dog shit on the pavements in the bestest trainers they can manage.
    However, in Bloaties case, he felt the need to infect the bandwidth with his stupidity and utter monginess.

    Given his would appear he's a mong utd spas anyway.. cnut!
  9. I did most of my preparation for my fitness test on a treadmill under the theory thats where the test would be and once I passed I could get out and about and leave the treadmill behind. I'm not sure of the best ways to improve time as I just ran and ran and ran to improve my time.

    However, the one thing that I did do which was a great help was work out what speed you need to run at in order to pass your test, that way you can work up to it and once you hit that speed for the entire run you know you will pass or you can improve your speed/time if you want.
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  10. To get a time of 11:09 you need to be running just over 8mph, which isn't fast at all...
    As everyone else has mention, just go running, everyday, it's really that simple.
  11. Dont run everyday, your just asking for an injury then

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  12. Don't run!te!!!!!..he's only practising for a PJFT not the fu**in "Marathon des sables"..ffs
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  13. I thought it was important not to run everyday so the body can adapt ?
  14. No you would be better listening to spidiver, run everyday till it becomes tedious and you loose interest and secondly if he was training for a marathon he would need to be running more than he would be for a 'fu*k*ng pjft'

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  15. I had a lot of problems with getting my run time down. My calves really used to hurt after any sort of running. I did a lot of leg resistance training to build up strength and muscle.

    Running outside and on a treadmill are very different and it's important to focus your time on a treadmill while training for the PJFT. The best way to do it is to get to the correct speed on the treadmill to get about 10.30 for the 1.5 miles. Just stop start until you can run the whole time without stopping.
  16. It's only a mile and a half you fu**kin cretins..... I've been there I've done it, I've got all the feckin tee shirts...and you lardy twats are fretting over something as pi$$ basic as a PJFT...Wan%ers!!
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  17. Oohh you ruthless [email protected]@rd, someone should really cuff you up, a full mile and a half?

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  18. Pop round..I'll pm my address.
  19. SpiDiver is correct.

    It's a mile and a half, just ****ing get on with it.

    It's 'lose' not 'loose' you anus lapping twat. He could probably run it backwards in the requisite time.
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  20. Congratulations on correcting my spelling, mabye you should consider an English forum with other teachers you test tube child.

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