Pre joining fitness test tomorrow!


Hi any advice or tips for what I should do to be in the best condition for tomorrow afternoon?

I’m not worried about the run as I’m hitting 9mins 40secs on average.

Just wondering if there’s anything I should not be doing or eating beforehand.

If you are running in the afternoon as per your 9 mins 40s then I would not do anything differently as it obviously works.

Other than that, eat sensibly on the day and its probably not a good idea to go out clubbing/drinking tonight (assuming that you are old enough to do so).

Good luck


I’ve got my pjft soon! Any tips on building stamina up, obviously apart from just running long distance. Managing the 2.4 in 12 Mins, but wanting a quicker time


I just passed mine this morning second attempt ran at 13.5kph and managed 10mins 45secs wanted a better time but I lost track of time and before I knew it I had finished!

Best advice would be just get your mind in the right place it’s that simple for too long I was panicky and all that but just set yourself aside for 5mins or so get yourself pumped up and just run! Keep your head up and don’t look down till it’s over.

And beetroot juice! Sound disquieting (and is!) but I drank it this morning and I ran like it was no tomorrow!


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Dont peak too soon chaps!! Leave time to improve. I know you want to impress but dont go too far. I always found being conservative initially then get faster as you advance through training. Shows improvement!!!
Well done on passing by the way.


Do they factor in time for the treadmill to speed up ?, I need to do it in 12:23, I’m just about hitting that now, first attempt a couple of months back was 18 mins lol