Pre-joining Fitness test 2014 Changes

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by amber123, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. Hi all,

    I apologise if this IS somewhere on the forums already, but I have searched and searched and cannot find the answer I'm looking for.

    I have my medical in 20 days time, and of course, after that I'll be booking my PJFT. I know I have to do it in 13mins 15 secs at the very least and I wanted to know if I need to be making any adjustments i.e. the incline on the treadmill and if there are any particular 'rules'. (not the right word I wanted..)

    Also, what's my best shot? Wacking the speed up to 14kph-15kph? Or playing it safe with 11.5kph..

    Many thanks in advance.
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  2. No incline for the PJFT. As for speed, whack it up and get as quick a time as possible. No real need to other than for pride though...

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  3. Thanks wannabejack, I was told at my AFCO the tredmill will be set up on a 2% incline..

    Guess I just wanted to confirm it with other RN members :) thanks again x
  4. I've just put in treadmill into the search and a load of info came up. However cant work out how to copy the link on my dog and bone!

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  5. The person observing you should inform you of the minimum speed required to pass in the time, the rest is up to you! You can alter the speed throughout as well but be careful as not to accidently jolt any of the other buttons or something :p I stuck at a fairly comfortable speed which didn't get me an amazing time but ensured I passed, at that stage thats all I worried about really. they also measure your height, weigh you and take your blood pressure beforehand as well.

    2% incline is for the Royal Marines I'm pretty sure, but yeah no incline for RN ones.
  6. Have to admit, I didn't think to use my initiative and type in 'Tredmill', just 'Pre-fitness test'.

    Again, cannot apologise enough!
  7. When I did mine last yr the girl at the gym set the treader to the min speed required to pass according to my age, u can alter it up or down if u like or go with it for a definite pass
  8. Thank you, Rachelthree :) x
  9. Thanks Busychris :) x
  10. As of the 1st of February the fitness tests time have been changed. Each time has had 4 seconds knocked off it, not really anything but just letting you know.
  11. You need fingers like Len Fairclough to get it. Press and hold with middle finger, then when tiny copy/copy hyperlink symbol comes up in the top grey bar try and press the bugger while yelling ohforfoxsake Ill just do it on my PC. This is all browser dependent of course, UC Browser and Dolphin seem to make it easier. iThing just makes you want to eat your own head. (What do you mean theres no such thing a right click.....)
    (Warning, none of the above should be constituted as actual advice DSMSMR)
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  12. *11m 13 seconds

    No adjustments, 13.5 will get you the time, 14.6 will get you there in 10m assuming the treadmill doesn't take forever to "spin up".

    If I were you i'd aim to beat a personal record as the pressure of someone looking over your shoulder for the duration can push you to exceed what your previous best.
  13. Assuming Amber is a lady its 13 mins 10 secs, 11.4 i think is the minimum. I ran mine slower than in training tbh, i know you should always try your hardest but at that stage i 100% wanted to ensure i passed. Saving the quick times for prnc and training (hopefully :D )
  14. Just because amber cant run very fast doesn't make him/her a lady ;)
  15. Haha i suppose amber could be a blokes username actually. Never met a bloke called amber but might not be their real name :p the 'x's on the previous page may also be misleading. If you're a bloke then apologies :D
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  16. 11mins 15 secs looked closer to 11 13, thats all!
  17. Haha I am a girl and I know full well its 13 mins 15 secs... Not too sure why 11 is there, most likely a typo!

    But yeah, thanks everyone again for your help :) x

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  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    PJFT times changed on the First of Feb, they're now as follows for RN (non-Divers):

    Male= 11:09/ Female= 13:10

    M 11:33/ F 13:37

    M 11:58/ F 14:05

    M12:23/ F 14:33
  19. Have the PRNC times also changed?

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  20. I booked my test a few weeks back, will these changes effect me? Or is it changed for tests booked after the first?

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